100% Glendale Review

Some people don’t sweat much when they ride bikes. I am not one of those people. Due to my sweat, as well as the tricky conditions brought on by the chronic summertime humidity the comes part and parcel of being surrounded by lakes in Traverse City, my sunglasses have a tough time remaining free of fog and condensation on my rides. 

I recently got a pair of 100% Glendales in the hopes a fresh start with brand new lenses could help my visibility on road and mountain bike rides. Here’s how it all went. 

100% Glendale: First Impressions

The cycling industry has very much leaned into the whole rockstar/80s cocaine dealer vibe, with massive lenses and frames the look du jour. The sunglasses continues the trend, yet still remain relatively light. Don’t get me wrong, these aren’t light, but they also don’t feel cheap and easily breakable. They feel premium, and when you’re spending $155 on a unit made of plastic, you want them to feel sturdy. 

The one exception to this premium feeling is the nose piece. The nose piece on all 100% models is removable and can be swapped out with a different size, which comes in the box. However, the rubber nose piece comes off super easy; too easy. A more secure nose piece would make these shades almost perfectly premium. 

In short, my wife wouldn’t be caught dead hanging out with me wearing them in public, but they look great in the world of cycling. The big lenses also provide exceptional protection from rocks and debris, so I’m a big fan of them.

100% Glendale Fogging Issues 

The very first ride with these things was Traverse City Trails Fest. It was 83 degrees by the end of the race, with humidity peaking at 85%. Ideal conditions, then, to put these shades to the test. 

Despite the humidity, the extremely dusty course, and my deluge of sweat, I had zero issues with fogging. None. I was shocked, particularly due to the possibility of dust hanging onto my lenses, to which moisture would have a perfect foothold to start some fogging fun. 

Didn’t happen. Great start to the relationship. 

The Secret to Not Fogging Up

The 100% Glendales do not fog up – unless you start your ride with dirty glasses. I learned that I have to clean my glasses exceptionally well before each ride. If I clean them thoroughly with water and paper towel, I’m golden. 

However, even the modest amount of sweat or snot smudge will, eventually, cause the spot around the debris to fog up. Sometimes the fog is super bad, but other times it’s just an annoying little ring of fog on the lens. 

All of that is avoidable if you have clean lenses to start the ride. So definitely, without a doubt, clean your shades before every ride. 

Overall, rocking sunglasses that are high in quality, looks, and excellent lenses – when they’re clean. 

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