2022 Speed of Light Vuelta Competition – Stage Two

The second week of the Vuelta Competition saw a slew of Elliseses put in top times and cranked up the points tally on offer…but could the top riders take advantage?

The Situation

With a whole host of Ellis’s in town, the points tally inched up from 14 on offer to 15 despite several racers failing to put in a time. Erstwhile leader Steffan Howard didn’t put down a lap, but new red jersey Max Meyer sure did.

Max combined with teammate Garrett Jenema to put in a blistering 35:19 for the week, well clear of third place and showing just how quick the pair can be. Chris Johnstone and Grady Ellis were third and fourth, while Wes Sovis rounded out the top five.

Emma Schwab made her 2022 SOL debut and promptly threatened the 40 minute mark. A little help and a little luck should see her south of the mark next week.

The Standings

Meyer’s consistency sees him firmly in first place with a two-point buffer ahead of Jenema. Cody and Wes Sovis are third and fourth, but Cody is already 8 points behind first as we hit the halfway mark.

Eight riders are within four points for fifth place, however, and the composition of the top ten could shuffle considerably next week.

See the full standings.

Jenema’s stage winning Strava file.

What’s Next

Stage Three is open for times Monday-Sunday at 4am, so go nab some points! There are rumors of an Old Mission Peninsula century ride next Saturday (check it out). Join the kolo t.c. Strava club for more rides!

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