2023 North American Vasa Results

The North American Vasa pulled off a miracle for its 47th edition. Facing unseasonably warm and wet weather all week, the race looked in danger of losing more than just the canceled events on Sunday.

Saturday, suffice it to say, worked out.

Under brilliant sunshine, the morning ski races took on a 6km loop with 6, 12 and 18km distances. Passing wasn’t easy, but there was at least plenty of room in the long parade loop to earn a spot.

The fat bike race really lucked out. In what will go down as as the second race of the 2023 Short’s Brewing Fat Bike Series, racers had the perfect course. Sun, firm snow and incredibly fast conditions made it a much faster affair than frigid 2022.

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Vasa 35km Fat Bike Results

From the gun, Jorden Wakeley was intent on getting away. And he did. He found a minute gap early and that lead lengthened, inch by inch, to just over 3 minutes by race’s end. He certainly made the most of the perfect conditions, taking more than 10 minutes off last year’s winning time and posting 1:31.

Matt Acker (and his beard) paired with Rob Richardson in hot pursuit, riding a two-man time trial until the final miles. Acker slide home second, with Richardson comfortable third.

DIRTy Mitten rider John Burmeister had a rough moment early after a blistering hard start, but recovered brilliantly and rode nearly 70% of the course solo to take 4th, easily holding off the chasing trio of David “Woody” Woodbury, Paul Olson and Cody Sovis. Eric Langley recovered from a slight detour to come on 8th and Ted Roe impressed with 9th…after winning the 18km ski race from the second wave. The kid is a freak.

Heather Compton pocked the women’s win with a time of 1:48, just a few minutes ahead of Nina Waeshenfleder. Allyson Klug, Arian McNamara and Haleigh Dunn rounded out the top five overall, with NMMBA’s own Kate White next across the line.

See the full 2023 North American Vasa results here.

We also have just a few photos from the start and finish lines.

Short’s Brewing Fat Bike Series points will be finalized by Sunday night. To be eligible for the series points and prizes, you must be signed up by noon on February 12. Don’t sleep on it!

What’s Next

The Dog Man Challenge is Saturday, February 18 at Mt. McSauba in Charlevoix. It’s the penultimate race of the 2023 fat bike season and could prove pivotal in the Series points!

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