Barry-Roubaix On Deck

The 2023 Barry-Roubaix is the first Michigan Monument (we’re calling it) of the season and put more than 4,500 riders onto the dirt roads of Barry County. It’s a more forgiving time of year but the same brutal course to jumpstart the racing calendar.

For more than a decade, Barry-Roubaix has grown from a decidedly chilly event in the parking lot of Gun Lake to the biggest gravel event in the country. All of the “privateers” and bandana-around-the-neck wearing amateurs at other events should send a hearty “Thanks, Brah” to Rick and Cathy Plite and now Matt Acker’s Beard for building an event that has grown gravel across the country.

Barry-Roubaix’s Killer Course(s)

The course hasn’t change too much since the event moved to Hastings, but that’s a good thing. Having a set dance card with decisive climbs and, well, Sager Road largely creates a more exciting race; everyone knows what’s coming.

Now with 18, 36, 62 and 100 mile routes, Barry-Roubaix runs the gambit to suit any riders’ goals. There’s nothing easy about any of the races, either. Watch the 36 milers finish on race day and decide for yourself if it’s the “Sport race”. The 36 miler includes Three Sisters, The Wall and Cemetery Hill, with plenty of elevation in between.

You’ll get all of those DEEP CUTS and more on the 62 miler, still largely considered the real crown of the event.

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The sneakiest climb? While it’s been a while since I’ve raced, Dastardly Drake was the undoing of me. At just about a mile and 130 feet of climbing, it shouldn’t be too much to worry about. But coming so late in the race, a little cross/tailwind keeps the pace incredibly quick just as riders hit the 4,000 feet of accumulative elevation.

Barry-Roubaix GPX Files

Michigan Gravel Racing Series

Riders will have two races in the legs heading into Barry-Roubaix after Melting Mann and the Dirty 30. It’s a busy stretch during prime gravel season in Michigan, with races every weekend in April starting April 8.

Check out the MGRS schedule.

Check back for Barry-Roubaix results from Epic Timing!  

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