The Flying Bohunk Update

kolo tc is never static. Follow my training, look up race and ride routes from 2011 to present, check climbing data and more, all right on this page.

Strava is a free app for your phone. Get it. Head here for detailed route and ride information dating back to August of 2011 and featuring the Cherry-Roubaix State Championship Road Race, the Lowell 50 and the Iceman Cometh.  This is the go-to resource to see courses and rides after they happen and to preview them for yourself. Any questions? Use the Contact Page to ask all that your heart may wish to know.

The Flying Bohunk Update is back for 2013, and will include personal photos and stories from behind the scenes here at kolo t.c.

Wanna join the kolo t.c. Michigan Gentlemen’s Club? Join us on Strava by making a free profile, then join the gang here. Compete for the most miles, the most KOMs or to find new rides with Michigan cycling pals. We would love to have you.


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