Iceman Cometh Registration Tips

It ain’t easy getting in. If you’ve ever tried to register for the biggest mountain bike race in the state, you know the window is rather short. Registration frequently crashes the server or ‘breaks the Internet’ as some would say, and even when working, spots fill up in minutes. Literally.

March 1, 2012. 10am EST. SIGN-UP!

So the fine folks at kolo tc (namely ‘Me’) have devised a three step program that is sure to get you in, kind of. No promises.

1. Take the day off of work. You’ll need to be ready, and pesky emails and work interfere with your ability to rapidly click ‘SUBMIT’ on the registration website. They won’t let you have the day off? Quit. There is really no other option here. Do what needs to be done, and your kids can eat when you’ve won the biggest race in North America.

2. Fill out your USA Cycling account NOW. It’s free, easy, and a lot of people already have one set up. Just be sure all of your information is filled and up-to-date so that you won’t need to be doing any corrections or changes when it comes down to the wire. The time you spend updating could be filled with 500 people signing up while you type your address in.

3. Resort to Sabotage. Know a building where a few Icemen and women work? Does your best friend register every year? Break their computers. Block their internet access. If you can successfully eliminate 50-100 people from registering, you might just save yourself a spot.

You play your cards right, you could be pumping up tires and talking shop at the start of the 2012 Iceman Cometh with Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski! Probably not though. He is a heckuva nice guy though.

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