Speed of Light

Speed of Light used to be a weekly free mountain bike race at the Vasa Pathway in Traverse City.

This year, the Speed of Light Ride is a four-week, four-stage homage to the Vuelta!

Why We Need Speed of Light

SOL is meant to be a free, accessible to kind of race without having to travel or cough up entry fees. It’s meant to be competitive while being good-natured, inclusive and fun. You might race other people, but the real goal is to improve your own time and your own fitness. It’s also a great way to meet other riders in the area.

The Rules

Riders can put in a time any time, any day of the week until Sunday at 4am.

This is the route. (It’s the one with Madeleine’s)

Speed of Light – Vuelta Competition

Dates: August 15 – September 11

Points: Total number of riders, -1. So if 20 people race, winner gets 20, second place gets 19, third gets 18, etc.

Classifications: Just straight points, guys!

Results: Will be added to a spreadsheet and posted by Sunday night!

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