Teaser Tuesday: TREK Fuel EX

Another lustful Teaser Tuesday is upon us, and we are greeted with the sharp silhouette and the coaxing whisper of the Trek Fuel EX. First off, this bicycle is laughably expensive at $8,500, but that isn’t the point of Teaser Tuesday. If we limited it to bikes we could afford, it would be all bikes we have, you see. That is very much like have posters of your wife instead of supermodels, which, because I have a wonderful girlfriend, I think is a wonderful idea, of course.

The Trek boys relaxed some of the geometry on the Fuel to make it a bit easier on the back over long rides. This FS rig has 120mm of travel, but, according the reviews I’ve seen, is well-suited not only for descents but performs well even on the longer, steeper climbs. That’s a pretty good testament to design quality and a big improvement on some of the earlier Fuel models.

This is the top of the line Fuel, with a 2×10 drivetrain. The lower models come with a 3×10 and range in price all the way down to $1,800, which is the aluminum version with the same geometry and slightly different components.

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