2011 in Review: Track Keirin Championships

While we’d all like to be out of doors at this point, it’s worth taking a look back at some of the 2011 indoor cycling season. If you’ve never watched a track event, spend some time on Youtube looking up some of the several disciplines and racers. It is absolutely hypnotizing. There is a violence and power on the track that translates very well for fans that makes the sport almost addictive. 

There’s no name better to start your search with than Sir Chris Hoy. The best sprinter in the world not named Mark Cavendish, this Brit is an absolute beast on the bike and is a diesel engine dressed in Lycra. Keirin is a short, lap race. The goofy man on the bike is there to make sure the riders go fast enough. Otherwise, some races might take twenty minutes while all the riders trackstand and psych each other out, as they often do in one-on-one sprint events.

Here’s the 2011 Keirin Championship, with Hoy in the World Champion’s rainbow jersey. Warning: There’s a rather high body count on this one.

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