Michigan’s Milan-San Remo: Cone Azalia Road Race

The Classics are coming…Back. Milan-San Remo, the first Monument of the year, is March 17. kolo tc will have full preview coverage as well as livestream links and live Twittering to accompany. Take a peak back to the 2011 Cone Azalia, the Michigan version of the great Milan-San Remo. Cone Azalia even takes place in Milan, Michigan. The similarities are, needless to say, uncanny.

Here’s a great video of the Pro 1/2 first lap from Cone last year in the rain and mud. I’m sure even the ProTour boys would be worried about potholes that big. Great riding, a great race, and a great way to get excited for “La Primavera” this weekend.

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  1. MSR? Try Paris-roubaix or any Belgian/Dutch classic. The course can not be any flatter and if there’s wind the packs get shredded into echelons. If ther has been rain then sun in the days before, expect platte road to be like the bonneville salt flats. Fast fast sat until you nail one of the 3″ radius, 6″ deep little pot hole that will snap you 36 spoked openpros.

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