Teaser Tuesday: Surly Moonlander

There is something strangely exotic in the Surly Moonlander. It’s alien, startling to look at and, on some basic, primal level, so very natural it is shocking. With the Barry-Roubaix coming up it should be noted that no less than 18 brave souls will brave the gravel on fat tire bikes, which seems fitting after a winter dominated by fat bike races, news and rides. It is interesting to note that there are nearly as many fat tire bikes at BRX than Elite Women this year!

The Moonlander is as about as Fat as a phat Fat Bike can get it. While the Pugsley rolls around on the Large Marge 65mm rims from Surly, the Moonlander is graced by simply massive 100mm Clown Show rims, which are larger than it is even possible to run on the Pugsley. That large of a tire nearly makes the Moonlander a paddle-boat*, with 4.7″ tires that look not dissimilar to ballons.

More than a few Moonlanders will be in action at the St. Fatty’s Day Fat Bike Race and Expo March 31, and we may not see too many until the snow flies again next winter. Head up to Gaylord to check out all things Obese Tire Related and join in on the fun.

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