Women’s Top Banana Competition: Who’s Michigan’s Top Racer?

After the unveiling of the Men’s Top Banana competition yesterday, the uproarious clamor for the Women’s has forced kolo t.c. headquarters straight back to the calculator. Who’s the best Women’s racer in the state so far? Let’s see, shall we?

As noted and explained in yesterday’s post, we’re taking a look at the first three big races of the year and assigning points values for placings. After that, it’s simple addition. Luckily, we have a calculator, too. Barry-Roubaix, the Rust Shaker and Yankee Springs Time Trial will serve as the initial races, followed by Mud, Sweat and Beers in May, then two road races at West Branch and Mount Pleasant this June.

The Women’s races are almost always some of the closely contested at any venue. So far this year, we’ve seen a number of different winners and podiums, with only more new champions to crown as the season goes on.

First up, the Barry-Roubaix. Despite have much smaller fields, we will keep with the 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 points systems used for the Men. Barry-Roubaix’s winner will still get 20 points, -1 per each placing in the Top Twenty.

Place Points Name Team Age Time Rate
1 20 Amy Stauffer Priority Health Cycling Team 35 3:18:24 18.8
2 19 Samantha Brode Cleveland Clinic 42 3:21:16 18.5
3 18 Kathy Everts Real Women Tri/chicago Dr. Cycling 36 3:28:23 17.9
4 17 Stephanie Swan Pro Bikes – Pittsburgh Racing Team 38 3:30:59 17.6
5 16 Amelia Moore Les Petites Victoires 30 3:31:01 17.6
6 15 Kim Chapman Algoma Bicycle Company 38 3:32:13 17.5
7 14 Wendy Zamzow Mom & Pop Racing 37 3:36:41 17.2
8 13 Julie Whalen Freewheeler 31 3:39:50 16.9
9 12 Molly Wolf Gore Bike Wear 44 3:41:29 16.8
10 11 Bridget Donovan Biowheels/reece-Campbell Racing 34 3:44:46 16.6
11 10 Nicole Borem Men Of Steel Racing 35 4:01:45 15.4
12 9 Carrieann Kopernik Nova Cycle Foundation 35 4:15:51 14.5
13 8 Kim Owens Village Bike Shop/liv Giant 40 4:30:22 13.8
14 7 Jeni Roosen Rogue Racing Project 513 36 4:36:35 13.4

Priority Health’s Amy Stauffer takes the 20 points and a huge win. For race two of the series, however, it would be Julie Whalen to take the win. The Women’s class at Rust Shaker was just three women deep. Here, we’ll have to utilize the decimal race function and call it a -3.0. That gives the race winner 7 points for the win, -1 for each placing.

That will give Freewwheeler’s Julie Whalen more points in the bank after an impressive showing at Barry-Roubaix, as well. The Rust Shaker is a race that is almost sure to expand each year, and for women looking for a true mountain bike race early in the season, its mid-April start date is as perfect as you can get. It’s also a great springpad ahead of the larger Mud, Sweat and Beers race in May.

For the Grand Rapids riders, the Yankee Springs Time Trial is tradition. A two-man TT through twisting, sandy and looping singletrack in one of the best trail systems in the state, Yankee Springs is well-deserving of its popularity. It’s a huge race but just three Elite women made the start. Let’s call it a 3.5 and make first place worth 12 points, -1 per place.

Place Name Points Team/sponsor Lap 1 Lap2 Time
1 Heather Spencer 12 TEAM FAST 51:36 52:32 1:44:07.9
2 Jill Meredith 11 CROSS COUNTRY CYCLE 57:51 59:18 1:57:08.4
3 Jody
10 CUSTER CYCLERY 59:57 1:05:57 2:05:53.7

So who’s number one? Without a clear winner as we had in the Men’s this one is very, very close. On her two strong races, Julie Whalen comes even on points with Amy Stauffer at 20 points. Out of staters Brode and Swan will slip down the standings throughout the season as more Michigan races get underway. A hearty congrats to everyone represented thus far, and remember: There’s an entire bunch of bananas up for a prize. Fight for it.

Amy Stauffer at 20 points
Julie Whalen at 20 points
Samantha Brode at 19 points
Kathy Everts at 18 points
Stephanie Swan at 17 points
Amelia Moore at 16 points
Kim Chapman at 15
Wendy Zamzow at 14 points
Molly Wolf at 12 points
Jill Meredith at 11 points
Bridget Donovan at 11

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