A Few Good Questions With Matthew Schmuker


Continuing the Questions series, we are joined by the wonderful Matthew Schmuker, or Matt as he is often called. The Schmuckster has cooked up two great things for Michigan cycling, the first being his band of lime green fightin’ machines, Team Apex Multisport. He’s also the race organizer and promoter for the Battle of the Burg, which is making its debut this fall on September 8. The Burg is going to be an event on par with the very best in the state on one of the coolest trails around. Let’s get to know Matt, shall we?

1. First off, who are you? That’s asked in a philosophical sense, sure, but where
are you from, what do you do, who do you care about and what do you enjoy?

I live in Ada, Mi and I own a landscape design/build firm called Apex Landscape. I am also a lover of all things mountain biking and that is why I have a team, Team Apex and a
race, Battle at the Burg. One day I will be fast enough to include my name on
my team roster! I have only been involved in the sport for about three years
but have grown to become a tremendous fan of the sport and those who

2. What got you into biking? What got you into racing? What is your proudest
two-wheeled achievement?

I got into it because I love the outdoors and I thought the bikes were really cool. I began racing as a way to have a reason to get out and spend some time in the saddle. I was able to take a half hour
off my Iceman Tine from year one to year two. I am hoping to take another half hour off this year.

3. What kind of bike(s) are you riding? Do they have names?

I have not named my sweet rides yet. I ride a Specialized Stumpjumper 29er and a Jamis Ventura Comp road bike.

4. What are your big goals for 2012? Who do you want to beat this year?

I would like to beat really anyone in the Sport Mens division. I am hoping to
do the Iceman in 2 hours.

5. What is your favorite place to ride in the world? In Michigan?

I have only ridden in Michigan, though I hope to explore what the world has to offer in the coming years. My favorite place in Michigan is Cannonsburg Ski Area.

6. If you had to compare yourself to a pro, who would you pick?

My favorite pro is Todd Wells. As far as comparing he and I the only similarity would probably be our height.

7. Who is your favorite person to ride with?

Anyone on Team Apex!

8. If you could design a bike race in Michigan, where would the finish line be?
Who would you have as podium girls? (Celebrities are in play)

I did and it is Battle at the Burg! Cannonsburg Ski Area! Podium Girls would have to be
Emily Batty and Marissa Miller. Not only good looking but athletic to boot!

9. Thank somebody:

My wife for letting me spend time and money on this great sport.

10. Any last words?

What’s funny about safety? Nothing!


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