Teaser Tuesday: Masi Evoluzione

In a world with enough big name bikes to get thoroughly lost in the crowd, there is Masi. Masi Bikes are high-end, stylish and simple. The Evoluzione is the top of the line frame, with your own preferences taken into account.

Want 105 on it? Done. Ultegra? Sure. Apex? Why not? The Evoluzione all-carbon frame is divided by component group, making the difference in each model rather obvious and simple. It’s really a wonder this isn’t the standard. No confusing ‘Comp’ or ‘Race’ designation, just a promise about the bike and the components. The Ultegra model comes in at 15.5 pounds, which is an outstanding value at the $6500 range, if such a thing exists. The Apex version comes in at 18 pounds at $2,000, right on par with the lower end Tarmacs from Specialized at the exact same weight. It’s a solid buy, plus, it’s a bike few others in your local peloton will be straddling at the start line.

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