Teaser Tuesday: Salsa Spearfish 1

For whatever reason, Salsa Bikes haven’t taken over the world. But they will. 

The company known for its giggle-worthy names (El Mariachi, Mamasita, to name two) and neon colors has put together a bike they’ll hang their proverbial hat from for years to come. The Salsa Spearfish 1 is a bike design specifically for ultra-endurance events and marathons. In Michigan, where 6, 12 and 24 hour races have been on the calendar for over 25 years, its a bike you’re going to see very often, very soon.

The Spearfish 1 is the top of the line version of Salsa’s three versions. Operating from an aluminum platform weighing in under 5 pounds, the full suspension rig can be knocked down to a paltry 24 pounds with tires and a few other alterations. But even more than the weight and the suspension is the geometry. Race, cross country hard tails and even suspended rigs like the Specialized Epic are set up very low and sleek. That’s absolutely perfect for a two hour race, but that position is very hard on the body. The Spearfish allows for a slightly more relaxed reach, more vertical angle for the back, and slightly higher hand position. It’s still a racy, racy rig, but made to make you race longer, rather than just survive.

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