Women’s CAT 4 Just Got Something More To Race For

On August 11, the best cyclists in the State will be battling on the cobbles of Old Town at the Cherry-Roubaix Criterium. For the CAT 4 Women, that race just got even more important.

Breakaway T-Shirts is giving away the infamous “You Got Dropped By A Girl” t-shirt to the winner of the CAT 4 field in the Crit. The Detroit-made tee makes a rather charming, wonderful trophy to look forward to after a half hour of torturous turns, potholes and evil accelerations. The crit is one of the toughest, roughest around and the winner deserves a very cool something. The State Champion in the field gets a jersey on Sunday; the winner on Saturday gets a shirt that is even a touch hipper. Plus, you can wear it to parties and stuff.

The CAT 4 women are the unsung heroes of the sport. They don’t get the ink of other categories, but are often some of the most exciting races to watch. These women are entering a very tough sport and have put in a lot of work to get where they are, and both kolo t.c. and Breakaway would like to reward their efforts with one life-changing t-shirt.

Be sure to stop by the kolo korner, located on Ninth St. and Union, for stickers, Victory Coke and to use our trainers to get warmed up. There will be cool sips of water, air horns and a competition for the Most Vocal, Supportive and Instructive Fan, as well. The MVSaI award will result in a six-pack of Short’s finest. Maybe some cookies, too.

If you haven’t registered yet, do so soon.

The Cherry-Roubaix Criterium kicks off at 11 a.m., August 11 in Old Town, Traverse City.

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