2012 Battle at the Burg Race Preview

It’s finally time to kick off the Fall Classics with the newest and toughest edition to Michigan’s outstanding mountain bike scene. 

The Battle at the Burg takes advantage of one of the toughest, most technical and demanding courses in the state for a fall event worthy of your time and gas money. Aside from perhaps only Hanson Hills, it just may be the most well-rounded course in the Murder Mitten. Technical sections, drop-offs and even TWO (count’em) rock gardens to navigate at speed add up over a few circuits. The climbs aren’t super long or super steep, but they are the high-paced, grinding sort that demand full gas or a lot of lost time with each trip up.

It’s also the first mountain bike race since July in the Top Banana Competition, a huge draw for those looking to move up the rankings. In the Men’s Elite, two names hop off the start list as favorites with a lot to gain. Earl Hillaker will be looking to dominate on home ground for Founders, and he’s the hometown hero along with Shawn Davison. Alex Vanias will also be up for the challenge after a summer of professional road bicycle racing for BISSELL, and he’s heading to the Burg with big ambitions. He can jump up the Banana Competition rankings and put himself in good position with a lot of opportunities left to make the podium.

In the Women’s Elite race, Johanna Schmidt’s on a mission. She’s making the trip south with dreams of ripe, gold bananas dancing in her head. She’s got a lead to defend, and so far, she’ll be piling on points heading into a slew of important events this fall. She will try to recruit some Einstein teammates to race in GR in case a number of the locals pour out looking for glory on their home loop.

Get signed up NOW and don’t forget to tell a friend. This race will also have some spectacular prizes (spectacular is not a world used lightly here) and should be well worth the tough course and hard riding.

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