Rapha Continental Recap: Riding In The Homeland

It’s been a while since kolo t.c. has blatantly plugged a brand. Let’s do it. 

It’s no secret that the ultimate end game of kolo t.c. is to become the Ultimate Power in the Universe, filling the gaping, small-moon-sized hole left since the explosion of the Death Star. The second goal is to work, write and in some way ride for Rapha. They are the coolest. They really are. Rapha gear just sort of drips the sophisticated, stylish yet simple aura that kolo t.c. was really built on.

Rapha’s now famous Continental series hopped to Europe this year and went to the Fatherland, Bohemia. While Yours Truly is more accurately Moravian, Bohemia is just a skip and a dash through the hops fields away and the very heart of Czech Republic. It’s an absolutely wonderfully done picture and something you’ll find yourself flipping on after a ride in the days ahead.

As always, please flood the Rapha USA page will good recommendations. Rapha Or Bust 2013 is now in effect.

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