Teaser Tuesday: BMC Teamelite TE29 XO



The Swiss make damn fine bikes. Add that to the list of awesome thing about the Swiss (chocolate, watches, mountain bikers) and it’s starting to look like the mountain biking capital of the world. 

The mountain bike world championships happened to have no less than 3 Swiss riders on the Men’s podium, and while none were on BMCs, it definitely proves they know what they are doing over there. While the BMC label immediately conjures up imagines of Cadel Evans winning the Tour, the brand has been putting together a number of outstanding mountain bikes including the TE29 XO. This version (there’s carbon available, too, don’t worry, the TE01 and TE02) has the same geometry as the top of the line in a durable, tough and light alloy frame that’s dressed up to party with XO components and the nearly ubiquitous Fox Float fork that’s popping up on XC across the board.

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