Can’t Miss Races For October

The season is winding down, cooling off and, paradoxically, heating up.

There is a  lot of bike racing left in 2012. From Peak2Peak, the Cross the Bay CX Series, Kisscross and just general wandering, there is a lot of time to get in any sort of miles you’d like to enjoy. Armed with a decent jacket and gloves, you can ride to until the snow flies. Armed with a fat bike, and you can ride ’till the snow is gone. Here’s a few highlights that you shouldn’t miss in October.

Peak2Peak. It’s not just an Iceman warm-up anymore. It really isn’t. With some of the highest quality fields in the state, the like of the Crybaby and Peak2Peak have elevated to serious, prestigious races in their own right. This Saturday, on the unfortunate date of October 13, don’t miss the best in the state have at each other on a fast, flowing course that will let riders like Anderson and Wakeley average up to around 18 miles and hour for most of the day. It’s a pricey one, but a great local race. Be sure to stop in Karlin for a soda and some jerky. We’re starving out here.

Northmen Cross. It’s an awful lot of fun. This cyclocross thing might just pick up here with the first season of Cross the Bay. This second stop will be North Country Cycle Sport and Einstein Cycles’ halfway point, with the Civic Center Cross events taking place in November and December. You’ve got the fitness, and CX is a great way to get used to 100% effort for an hour or so. This stop is in beautiful Petoskey. Stop in the downtown, maybe pick up some knick-knacks for the house. October 21 gives you a whole week to recover from P2P.

The Jon Muller Memorial, KissCross. Meet in Manhattan Park. Win prizes. Michigan’s longest running CX series gets better all the time. If you have time for a trip to Grand Rapids, it’s a wonderful time to head to GR for a bike race and a trip to Mr. Burger. One of the best courses every year, Manhattan Park also falls close to Halloween, so you know there’s going to be some extra costume-hootenanny. It’s a cheap $20 and you’re always likely to win some Erg!, beer or t-shirts.

There’s a lot of racing left to do and a lot of options on where to do it. By January, you’ll be kicking yourself for not riding and racing as much as possible. Get to it!




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