Halloween Night: The Headless Alley Cat

In the chilling dusk-light of this late October moon, Yours Truly received a blood-stained letter. 

Found on the front door of kolo t.c. HQ, dressed to the oaken wood with a savage Tennessee toothpick four inches long and streaked crimson, it was read with trembling fingers.

To Whom It May Concern,
I am worried. Ever since I began planning this alley cat I have felt haunted, maybe even possessed, by a restless spirit. Two nights ago a dark being was with me in my room. I could not move or speak to the obscured figure standing in the corner. I was frenzied with terror as the blackness approached me and became recognizable as a man with no right hand. He spoke directly into my mind, the only sound was the wind and rain coming in through my bedroom window. He told me that on Halloween night, 20 years ago, he was murdered at the State Hospital. His wife and her lover lured him into the woods behind the hospital and stabbed him in the back to get him out of the way of their love. To hide their crime the killers dismembered the body and scattered his remains. No part of his body was ever found, except for his hand. That night a cyclist found the severed hand near the State Hospital, but instead of alerting the authorities to possible foul play, the ghoul hid it in his special spot and never told a soul. I think this ghostly presence from the other side wants us to find his missing hand so that he may finally rest in peace.

On Halloween night, the riders of the Headless Alley Cat will lay this mystery to rest, and have a wicked good time along the way. This harrowing adventure by bike will take the Headless riders to the darkest, spookiest, and most bad ass corners of Traverse City. There will a separate category for single speed and geared riders, men and women, and teams if participation allows. There is a $5 entry fee, $4 if you are wearing a costume (don’t half ass the costume). Any proper bike will work, but treaded tires may have an edge this time. A headlight, taillight, bag (backpack, messenger bag), are highly recommended for a good time. All riders are responsible for their own equipment. The riders will have a manifest with the checkpoints listed. Most of the checkpoints will have packages to be picked and carried to the finish. The first three riders to reach these pick ups will receive packages with random time bonuses attached (courier roulette), the other checkpoints will have some other item to be retrieved. Visit the Headless Alley Cat on facebook to view clues of where the checkpoints will be. The man with no right hand has revealed the places where his severed ghost hand may be found on Halloween night, but he has yet to reveal the start and finish locations. Trick or Treating should be over at 8:00pm, the gathering will begin at 7:45pm and the race will begin at 8:15 pm. Like Headless Alley Cat on facebook to stay updated. As Halloween draws near the dark presence looms larger in my mind, the Headless riders must solve this mystery once and for all!
Ghouls, mystery and bicycles? What more could an adventurous cyclist full of candy and Short’s beer want to do on Halloween night? To join in, ‘Like’ the Facebook page and stayed tuned for the final instructions.

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