The Gent’s Club Crybaby Climb Challenge

It’s over. And who would you guess won?

For the first time, the Gent’s Club offered up a prize for a particular climb on a particular course. The infamous Crybaby Climb is .8 of a mile at an average of 6.8%. However, the final ramp of the climb is all over 20% and hits as high as 28%, the steepest vertical portion of any (known) ascent on or off-road. It’s a bit of a beast.

The Famous Fifty of the kolo t.c. Gentlemen’s Club had 7  riders in the race on the day, and to no one’s surprise, Jorden Wakeley and Alex Vanias went 1-2 in the Men’s Elite. They also went 1-2 on the Crybaby Climb, with Vanias losing just one second over the top of the climb, with Wakeley setting the KOM at 4:42.  Chris Fisher took third in the Gent’s Club at 5:19. It was singlespeed animal Craig Gietzen in fourth, a pretty amazing effort with just one gear. Yours Truly was 5th on a 1×9 with a tad-too-big chainring for those steep gradients. Your QOM is Melissa Ryba in at 6:56 with Jim Picotte also on the finish sheet. Wakeley wins a 6-pack of his choice from Short’s Brewery. First place overall, first up the climb and beer. What a haul, don’t you think?

Jorden Wakeley Jorden Wakeley Sep 29, 2012 10.4mi/h 427W 1082 4:42
2 Alex Vanias Sep 29, 2012 10.4mi/h 182bpm 363W 1078 4:43
3 Chris Fisher Sep 29, 2012 9.2mi/h 169bpm 246W 956 5:19
4 Craig Gietzen Sep 29, 2012 8.1mi/h 239W 847 6:00
5 Cody Sovis Sep 29, 2012 7.3mi/h 268W 755 6:44
6 Melissa Ryba Sep 29, 2012 7.0mi/h 172bpm 176W 733 6:56
7 Jim Picotte Sep 29, 2012 6.1mi/h 175bpm 206W 639 7:57

After the success of this competition, there will be a Strava competition at Peak2Peak on October 13. Fastest time of the day for a member of the Gentlemen’s Club gets some kudos (that’s a Strava thing) and high-fives for taking the shortest trip up the Peak. If you want to get in on the action, be sure to create a Strava account (it’s free) and join the Gent’s Club. We’ll be racing for a prize to-be-named closer to the start. Probably some Short’s again!

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