The Michigan Scene Tribute Post

So since hey, hey way back in the day, kolo t.c. has been gettin’ mad respect from some dude with a ballin’ (is that still cool) bike site. 

The Michigan Scene is a website that is mostly about bicycling but also, apparently, 1) In love with the A-Team 2) Bugs Bunny Fetish 3) Crazy good at list-makin’. In addition to some great fans like All-Season Cyclist, Lesleeee Carter and Team Schmitty (you all know who you is), TMS has been super-hyper-supportive on the whole bloggin’ thing since Day One, which was actually Day Eighteen of February.

While sometimes the site makes Yours Truly feel almost positively square, TMS is an expert in badassery that kolo t.c. can’t quite match. It’s in-your-face-and-mine-at-the-same time and perhaps the only rival in nicknaming people to kolo’s “Appellations”. Bowsers? Crossers? Bunnies? I only know about 13% of what is going on but all the pictures and flashing lights sure made the damn thing fun to look at.

A-course, it’s different strokes for different folks and whatnot, but TMS is almost certainly your cup of tea, even more so if you like your tea spiked with whatever liquor people put in tea. Gin? Sure. Gin. Why not? So here’s a Crybaby-inspired list a la The Michigan Scene. Much love.

1. Wakeley crushes, how much dough has he MADE in 2012?
2. Where’s Wee-Sov? Only one ain’t so fun.
3. The Vanias Also Rises (that’s a Hemingway reference)
4. Who dat Ryba trimp-tromping over my podium?
5. Sue Stephens will beat your teeth out and Erin Vicary will replace them with Chiclets.
6. Chris Fisher tripped and fell on a MTB. Hasn’t got off since.
7. John Ammond rode good, AND YOU SHOULD FEEL GOOD.
8. Spencer “The Man With The Built-In Nickname” Payne Is Fully Rigid And Wants You To See It.
9. Gietzen. Say it when you’re blue.
10. Crybaby Climb. Ironically, no one cried.
11. DOn’t worry, the Expert 39 and Under category is the new Expert 29 and Under. (Count the college aged kids at MTB races these days)
12. (Something Mr. T related)
14. Iceman Cometh in 1 month. Emily Batty Will Be There. Who cares if the world ends in December. WE DON’T.
15. Thank you, Michigan Scene. May the Mr. T be ever in your blog posts.

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