Civic Center Cross A-Race Video

One more video from Cross the Bay. Because you always need one more. 

A rockin’ good time was had by all. Seriously. The response to Civic Center Cross and the entire Cross the Bay CX series has been overwhelmingly positive, and not just for a first year race. Einstein Cycles and NCCS have got it right and got it right away. Fun, well-organized events that are competitive enough to warrant getting off the couch and fun enough to stick around.

Here’s the opening salvos of an exciting A race from this past Sunday. The kolo kam is having some technical issues with battery life, and unfortunately it died before the first lap was over. However, we got some very cool footage and layered on some pretty angry-sounding, upbeat music because that’s what the kids like.

A big thanks to Aaron Beebe for playing cameraman, and to his dad Jim for carting them both up to TC for the race!

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