The Official “There Will Be Blood” World Premiere

It’s here. Finally. You won’t enjoy this at all. 

The first of possibly a handful of Project13 trainer videos is finished. While not perfect, and not polished, it’s the best free workout video you’ll ever get that features Michigan racers, Michigan races, and Michigan roads. Hop into the thick of the Iceman Cometh, Peak2Peak, Cross the Bay CX and the famous Hall “Hell’s” Creek ride in Karlin. (It’s now famous. There.)

Over the past two months, whatever kolo kam footage that survived has been pressed like hamburger into the juiciest video you’ll ever watch with friends. It puts you to the test with three six minute intervals and two three minute intervals  with two minutes of rest in between, with ten minutes warm-up and ten minutes cool-down on either side. It’s designed to be the perfect quick, high intensity workout that fits in a lunch hour. You can also tack this video onto the 20 or so minutes of your favorite TV show and get just over an hour. Convenient, exciting

Of course, there’s a bit to be desired in terms of accessibility. Youtube has not authorized the video to be played on mobile. However, if you have one of those iThings, you will be able to download the file and upload it on your iThing via iTunes. Until then, the entire video is available on YouTube.  If you can’t survive until the video is available for free download on iTunes, email kolo t.c. at Don’t expect a fast response, unfortunately. Working for a living is ruining my amateur cycling career, and this blog.


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