2012 kolo t.c. Year End Awards: Gentlepersons of the Year

Cycling is a sport where winning happens to so few people that nearly every other aspect of it should really be counted as more important. 

There’s something truly great in being competitive. There’s something almost brave about it at the amateur level, because, in a way, it shows an almost insane ignorance of reality. It is saying that in spite of my real life, and my other obligations, and the full knowledge that racing probably won’t pay the bills, the sport is worth every second put into it. And it is. But there’s another class of folks who do the whole racing and biking thing with an attitude all their own. They are the people we just want to go on a bike ride with.

kolo t.c. is very proud to announce the two winners of the Gentleman and Gentlewoman Awards for 2012.

Vita Kennedy Morse– Perpetually pushing hard on a tandem with fellow great human being Bryan Sheffield, Vita makes every bike ride and every bike event feel like a party. She rides almost year ride with the Cherry Capital Cycling Club and loads of other folks. She’s supportive, hilarious and actually a slightly frighteningly fast bike rider, and there are few people in the sport that make cycling feel as inclusive and as thoroughly enjoyable as “La Dolce” Vita Kennedy Morse.

Glen Ruczynski– The big man in the City Bike Shop kit and the eye-catching facial hair. Without knowing him, you know him. He’s a fixture at every type of ride and always up for a few more miles. Glen is a true gentleman with a keen eye to help grow the sport in Northern Michigan, working with all the shops and groups to keep everyone in the loop with the latest goings-on. His work with local mountain bike chapters has led to outstanding events and rides, while his involvement in anything gives that project immediate legitimacy. Most importantly, Glen’s passion and joy for riding bicycles of any kind and for any reason is infectious.


A hearty congratulations goes out to Vita and Glen for being such great people and for bringing such much fun to our sport.

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  1. HELL YES Vita! Thanks to the efforts of Vita and her friends, I’ve been able to feel connected to the biking community quite quickly after moving to TC this fall. I love her lighthearted, sweet spirit!

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