Project13 Workout Video World Premier: Drums In The Deep

You are in for a real treat. 

A classic 2×20 tempo workout made slightly more fun as a result of some familiar faces and butts. kolo t.c. is back with the second workout flick to keep your off-season as enjoyable as humanly possible, and once again, it’s free. Easily worth $10-15 million, this workout video features fat bike footage and a thrilling view of the Cross the Bay CX Civic Center #1 race from the bars of North Country Cycle Sport’s Ross Gibbs. It also features exclusive footage, on fat bikes, of the opening miles of the new X100 race in Traverse City, slated for August 24, 2013.

This time, instead of riding as Jorden Wakeley, you’re in the hunt battling a fierce warrior with shining feet and skull. You’ll ride the two tempo portions with different objectives. In the first set, you’ll be riding defensively as the Warrior attacks. If you survive, you get a short rest with more very cool fat bike footage before returning to the bull ring. You’ll work with Einstein Racing’s Mickey Humpula to fend off the Warrior, ultimately attacking the the final moments to take the win.

The soundtrack has been retooled to include more fan requests, including Kanye West and Chemical Brothers. It also features some great cuts from Milburn, Bloc Party, The Xx and many more. You’ll almost enjoy your thorough beating. Almost.

Once again the video may not be viewable on mobile for the time being, but you can request a zip folder of the mp4 if you email me and ask me really nice.

You won’t enjoy this at all.

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