Two New Sponsors Fund kolo t.c. Jump From Space!

Not really. Red Bull can keep the space dives, we’ve got way cooler stuff to do. 

kolo t.c. is nothing without you wonderful, handsome, intelligent readers. But it would be a black hole and really suck if it weren’t for the gracious sponsors of the site that make all the magic possible.

Einstein Cycles has been the backbone of kolo t.c. from Day One, and  a great collection of other folks like EpicHappens and Short’s Brewery have stepped up to help make kolo t.c. a platform for cycling in the state.

That’s why it is extremely exciting to announce two new sponsors to the site, Brockmiller Elite Endurance and North Country Cycle Sport.  Brockmiller Elite Endurance joins as the go-to gym, coaching and fitness guru for the site. Lauri “Queen BEE” Brockmiller is an outstanding human being and a somewhat humane fitness coach. She’s taken on some seriously far-gone cases, like Yours Truly, and has turned riders from chubby old men into world-beaters. Lauri’s spin classes operate with the best equipment and some of the best coaches around, and they’ve got out of their way to promote safe, healthy lifestyles in our community. We’ll be featuring updates from BEE, tips and tricks, plus a new training series featuring the pathetic power numbers of Your Intrepid Bike Racer. That’s Y(ours) T(ruly).

Equally exciting is the addition of North Country Cycle Sport. The boys up north are the best bike shop I don’t work for, and their work on Cross the Bay CX has done wonders in bringing cyclocross to Northern Michigan. They’ve also done some outstanding work in promoting youth cycling and their deep squad of Juniors, including Ross “The Next Jorden Wakeley” Gibbs and Trever “The Once and Future” Kingsbury, Hailey Fogo, The Backus Boys and all the rest, is really remarkable. They’ve done an absolutely wonderful job in promoting the sport and bringing a lot of fun and enthusiasm to mountain biking in the Upper Lower Mitten.

If you want to give money to kolo t.c., you should. Use the contact page to get more information. Donations of less than $1 million will be spat on and thrown on the floor.

Thanks everyone, and get ready for some great ‘cross this weekend and a very exciting 2013!

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