Project 2013: KOLOSHOPPE

Team Yellow. Ben made it from St. Ignace.

Team Yellow. Ben made it from St. Ignace.

Yes, there’s a store now. Your prayers, dreams and wishes have come to fruition. 

kolo t.c. is happy to announce the arrival of the all-new KOLOSHOPPE on Choose from a wide selection of shirts, espresso mugs, stickers and more for the 2013 season.

The store offers loyal readers (that’s you) the opportunity to fly the myriad colors of kolo t.c. For 2013, the World Champion stripes have been replaced with the new mot du anee, the red, black and yellow of Belgium. They have the best cyclocross on the planet, the reigning road World Champion and the finest selection of beer outside of Michigan. And that’s really saying something. will also more big, big news and merchandise later in the month. Until then, check out the SHOPPE, grab you some stickers, and, as always, enjoy every ride.

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