2013 Queen’s Day Criterium Race Preview


It’s the first true showdown between the revamped Einstein Racing squad and the dominate BISSELL team.

The early 2013 season has been all BISSELL, with Mike Anderson, Alex Vanias, Nate Williams, Derek Graham and Jordan Diekema all putting together a near perfect spring campaign since Barry-Roubaix. For as much talent as they have, the team enters every race with a tremendous amount of pressure at every start.

On the flip side, Einstein spent the winter bringing in superstuds Ryan Cross, Tom Burke, Jason Young, and welcomed the upgrade of John Leach to bolster their 1/2 team. To date, their best performances have come from unfamiliar names Ryan Bolin at Barry-Roubaix and Mickey Humpula at the Lowell 50. But now, with a team training camp in the legs and the full strength on the team focused on Holland, it will be the first test of los galacticos. 

BISSELL brings Graham, Williams, Cory Stange, Ben Whitehead and Diekema to the crit, with Williams the rider most likely to receive the leadout and support. It’s an awful lot of horsepower. Einstein will counter with Fisher, Cross, Young, Burke, and Leach.

Leadout Racing will also enter the fray, sending the Pride of Elsie Dan Korienek into the breach with Geoff Kuyper. Even without support, keep your eyes on Matt Acker of Freewheeler, who has put in some great rides this spring and should be able to come off the other trains.

The Women’s race is going to be a Real Women Tri team ride with a few other folks tossed in for fun. One of those riders, Sarah Demerly, is the overwhelming favorite, but she’ll have to counter moves from no less than FIVE (count’em) RWT racers, including the fearsome Heather Kubiak and Lori Hotchkin.

A big salute to the FORTY-FIVE gents going to glory at the CAT 5 race Sunday. Great to see some riders giving it a shot. Ryan Allen, Josh Mokma, Steve Ashworth, Tyson Smith, Alex Yingling….all freaks of nature. Good luck, men.

It’s also the big stepping out party for the New Holland Brewing Cycling Team, the OFFICIAL team of kolo t.c. A huge thanks to Tidal Nine Events, New Holland Brewing, and Tulip Time Festival for bringing the Queen’s Day Crit to Holland, Michigan.

Racing starts Sunday at 9am. There’s still time to sign up, 


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