2013 Men’s Top Banana Competition p/b Carter’s Compost: Big Names Move Up


The roadies have their month, and June kicked off in style at West Branch last weekend. 

Out of nowhere, new names are now lurking in the top ten places in the Competition after the first road race on the program. West Branch kicks off a string of paved events, with series leader Jorden Wakeley sitting on top of the standings and turning an eye down towards those on the way up.

The BISSELL squad, as it turns out, had its attention elsewhere entirely last weekend, leaving Einstein Racing to target the day’s events. It had its hands full trying to reign in a number of strong moves on a grueling day in the saddle, which was ultimately taken by Scott Hoffner. The PriorityHealth leader rode with the support of Cam Timmer and Chris Gottwald, and the trio proved to be just enough to outmaneuver much larger teams in the finale.

Ryan Cross and Cruise Bogedin led the way for Einstein Racing, and the results vaulted them up into the top ten, which is jam packed at the moment. Wakeley’s lead survived by six points to BISSELL’s Alex Vanias, but there are no less than 25 riders within 20 points of the lead, which is, conveniently, the amount that was on offer at this past Sunday’s Mount Pleasant Criterium.

Other big movers on the day include Steve Broglio and Rudy Peterson, both of whom should figure in the top ten by the end of the month.

Here are the standings after West Branch, with Mount Pleasant’s changes coming up later in the week.

Jorden Wakeley 32
Alex Vanias 26
Matt Acker 25
Derek Graham 25
Mike Anderson 24
Scott Hoffner 20
Ryan Cross 20
Steve Broglio 19
Alexey Vermuelen 19
Matt Light 19
John Cowan 19
Scott Quiring 19
Cruise Bogedin 18
Jordan Diekema 17
Rudy Peterson 16
Ryan Kennedy 16
Nathan Williams 16
Ron Sanborn 16
Daniel Yankus 15
Justin Lindine 15
Tom Linck 15
Martin Vecchio 14
Cam Timmer 13
Chris Gottwald 12
Chris Kushman 12
Robert Foshag 12
Sven Baumann 11
Chad Wells 11
Ron Catlin 10
Adam York 9
Mitchell DeYoung 9
Hogan Sills 9
Cory Stange 9
Brian Kozeliski 8
Brent Krmotich 8
Dustin Morici 7
Dan Korienek 6
Matt Silvia 5
Mike Simonson 3
Andrew Florian 6
Craig Gietzen 5
Dan Korienek 4
John Leach 3
Shawn Davison 3
Nate Versluis 3
Jason Lowetz 3
Anthony Prentice 2
Mickey Humpula 2
Dan Lam 2
Thomas Beebe 2
Nate St. Onge 2
Mike Jones 1
Greg Kuhn 1
Andy Holly 1
Cody Sovis 1

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