Obligatory Rapha Video For August

Employ me. Or send me some pants or something.

One of the better videos of late, and it’s about a Welsh rider. If you’ve been paying proper attention, Wales has a special place in the heart of kolo t.c., in no small part due to the beautiful pictures that seem to come from its countryside, or the special sort of attitude of its prominent people. Chief among them is Team Sky’s Geraint Thomas, an outstanding rider that gives a better interview than nearly anyone in the professional peloton. Also, if you watch Doctor Who, Cardiff is one of the most important cities in the universe. So. That’s a plus.

Immediately, thoughts of a Michigan version, probably slotted for sometime in February, jumped to mind. How far is if from Traverse City to Holland? Or Empire to Alpena? Can a version of it give the same feel, the same experience, or, like anything, is it unique enough to be its own entirely if universal by difficulty?

The video focuses on a 600km ride in honor of Bryan Chapman, but you’ll get all that. You’ll see what he rode, but much, much more importantly, you’ll see why.

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