Strava Challenge of the Week: McKinley-Center E-W

Go get it, gang. 

This new thang we’re doing is having you all go try to take segments. On Strava. Because that’s where cycling is at at the moment.

This week, go take a run at the McKinley-Center E-W climb. It’s short, steep and tough, with no margin for error. It’s been the site of a raging battle that includes Strava heavy weights Mickey Humpula, Jason Whittaker and Ty Schmidt. The two minute effort of “Murder” Mickey is the new standard set on July 31. That came after the KOM was shuffled between the trio a few times, with each attempt making big gains. Whittaker now stands second position on the segment, a full nine seconds back. He’s two seconds clear of Schmidt.

The trick is to finish off over the top, with the segment ending on a false-flat before riders get all the way to Center Road. Keep the pace high and hold on as long as possible, as letting up at all could be the difference between a new KOM and being just another schmuck on the leaderboard.

Expect undue focus on this one from Sean Kickbush, but keep your eyes on peninsula local Jim Picotte as well. Whittaker views the southern end of Old Mission as his backyard, and he won’t take this challenge lightly.

This challenge ends Sunday night at 6pm, EST. Get it done. The top time from now until then gets noted on here, and absolutely nothing else.

Next week, we’ll pick a segment in the Grand Rapids area, bouncing around the state until kolo t.c. finds some stuff to write about.

mickey humpula Jul 31, 2013 19.0mi/h 471W 2:00
2 Jason Whittaker Jul 14, 2013 17.7mi/h 398W 2:09
3 Carter’s Compost Aug 4, 2013 17.4mi/h 238W 2:11
4 Kris Stegmann Sep 27, 2012 15.9mi/h 187bpm 371W 2:24
5 Adam Norman Jul 1, 2013 14.5mi/h 314W 2:37
6 Chris Kushman Sep 7, 2010 14.0mi/h 167bpm 365W Powermeter 2:43
7 Jimmy McKenna Jun 29, 2013 13.9mi/h 280W 2:44
8 Bill Unger Jul 3, 2013 13.5mi/h 175bpm 286W 2:49
9 paul olson Jun 19, 2013 13.4mi/h 282W 2:51
10 Jon Throop Jul 6, 2013 13.1mi/h 275W 2:54

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