Strava Segment Challenge: Short Trackin’ and De Paterberg


We’re doing a GR and TC segment each. Look out.

First up, the Traverse City fan base will be happy to take to the woods for a very different challenge from this past week’s assault on McKinley. We’re hitting the woods for an effort on the VASA Singletrack Short Loop, a 2.7 mile segment that is tight and tough. The current KOM is held by Keegan Myers, and he’ll be very serious in his defense. The current mark is at 11:29, which is nearly 30 seconds faster than second place.

Myers will undoubtedly improve on his mark, but there are some candidates that should threaten. If someone can throw a Garmin on Einstein’s Nate St. Onge, the mark could fall quickly. Also keep an eye on John Ammond, Jason Lowetz, Eric Pollard and Craig Webb. It’s a short, intense effort that tests handling ability as much as top end speed, so there may be some surprising names near the top of the list come next Sunday. This one isn’t all about engine, but a decent amount of skill, too.

As a special wrinkle, Silverleaf Saw Mills is offering up a bounty of $25 to the brave soul who can take the segment by the deadline. The $25 is in the plastic form of a gift card at Einstein Cycles, where $25 can really take you places. A massive thanks to Silverleaf Saw Mills for hopping on board, and to Ec for serving as such a splendid home base of operations for this particular segment.

The test in GR is a very different animal. One of the most revered bursts in kolo t.c. history, we revisit the ascent of De Paterberg. Located west of Allendale, the climb decimated the field at the 2011 There Will Be Blood Unofficial Gravel Road Race. It’s a veritable wall, with gradients up to 13.6% on loose, rutted gravel. It flattens out over the top, which brings the average gradient to a misleading 3.5%. The climb doesn’t stop at the gravel, nor does it avoid wind over the top. Stay on the gas over the pavement section and grind it out. The current KOM is Joel Bush, followed at some distance by Yours Truly and Wes Sovis.

At the moment, there’s no bounty on offer for De Paterberg, but kolo t.c. is working on details as you read this. Unless it’s after 9pm, at which time kolo t.c. just hangs out and watches MI-5.

Both Challenges end on Sunday, August 18 at 6pm. Give it hell, boys and girls.

Single Track Short Loop Top Ten

1. Keegan Myers Jul 24, 2013 13.9mi/h 113W 11:29
2 Ryan Kushman Jun 3, 2013 13.4mi/h 122W 11:56
3 Dave Walston May 16, 2013 13.3mi/h 196W 12:00
4 Kevin Gregory May 4, 2013 13.0mi/h 164W 12:18
5 Jay Click Jun 6, 2013 12.9mi/h 162W 12:25
6 Jim Picotte Jul 28, 2013 12.3mi/h 167bpm 188W 12:58
7 jamison sheppard Jul 4, 2013 12.3mi/h 100W 12:59
8 Mike Walters Jun 19, 2013 12.1mi/h 125W 13:12
9 James Rybarsyk Jul 27, 2013 12.1mi/h 13:14
10 Bennett Paul Aug 6, 2013 12.0mi/h 168bpm 88W 13:19

De Paterberg Top Ten

Joel Bush Jul 22, 2012 21.2mi/h 535W 1:15
2 Wes Sovis Oct 26, 2011 17.1mi/h 420W 1:33
3 Cody Sovis Oct 26, 2011 16.7mi/h 1:35
4 Jim Braam Mar 13, 2013 16.6mi/h 324W 1:36
5 Heath Paukette Jul 23, 2013 16.4mi/h 358W 1:37
6 JD Lobbezoo Nov 2, 2012 15.1mi/h 1:45
7 Eric Parrott Jul 4, 2013 14.9mi/h 1:47
8 Dan Korienek Feb 17, 2013 14.2mi/h 167bpm 444W 1:52
9 John Camfferman Jan 19, 2013 14.0mi/h 353W 1:54
10 Kevin Stacey Jun 18, 2013 13.5mi/h 145bpm 344W 1:58

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