2013 Men’s Top Banana Competition p/b Carter’s Compost:


Ryan Cross survives, but not for long as a number of racers close in on the top spot. 

Ryan Cross’ recent move to Colorado leaves the top place in the Top Banana Competition undefended. There are a number of names on the move, and with no less than six days until points are back up for grabs, Cross’ amazing run at the top may come to an end at Saturday’s Battle at the Burg.

Adam York made big in-roads, jumping into second place just three points back. He lead the chase for a long time at Saturday’s Ithaca GP, where Sven Bauman and Brad White proved themselves head and shoulders above the field so far. York’s efforts mean he’s now well within striking distance, though he would need to make at least a few mountain bike starts, as well as hit the Cross the Bay race in order to keep any lead he might takes.

The same goes for new number three spot Scott Hoffner. He jumped up as well, though all eyes will be on the mountain bike contingent this weekend. Hoffner is registered, and he’ll have some leeway with a nice points buffer over race favorites Derek Graham, Jorden Wakeley, and Mike Simonson.

Graham, Wakeley and Nate Williams will need to make the most of the Burg this weekend to close ground, but with the next big target coming at Peak2Peak on October 19, they look like the real front-runners headings into the rest of the fall. With so small of gaps in the top ten, smaller races like the Lowell 50 could decide the podium by the end of the series on December 1.

Here are the standings as of September 8, 2013.

Ryan Cross 55
Adam York 52
Scott Hoffner 44
Alexey Vermuelen 41
Alex Vanias 41
Sven Baumann 40
Mike Anderson 40
Jordan Diekema 36
Rudy Peterson 33
Christopher Gottwald 32
Jorden Wakeley 32
Scott Quiring 28
Cruise Bogedin 27
Matt Acker 25
Derek Graham 25
Mac Brennan 22
Kirk Albers 20
Nathan Williams 19
Steve Broglio 19
Matt Light 19
John Cowan 19
Robert Smallman 18
Cruise Bogedin 18
Daniel Yankus 18
Paul Martin 16
Ryan Kennedy 16
Ron Sanborn 16
Kevin DePasse 16
Ryan Bolin 15
Brad White 15
Tom Burke 15
Justin Lindine 15
Peter Beels 15
Tom Linck 15
Martin Vecchio 14
John Leach 13
Randy Rodd 13
Cam Timmer 13
Jeff Weinart 12
Michael Manning 12
Andrew Florian 12
David Nies 12
Chris Kushman 12
Robert Foshag 12
Michael Mills 11
Chad Wells 11
Cody Sovis 11
John Card 10
Matt Bole 10
Ron Catlin 10
Jason Young 10
Shawn Davison 9
Bryan Underwood 9
Kris Sands 9
Mitchell DeYoung 9
Hogan Sills 9
Cory Stange 9
Dan Yankus 8
Bryan Ellenbaas 8
Jeremy Karel 8
Sean Piper 8
Brian Kozeliski 8
Brent Krmotich 8
Adam McIntyre 7
Matthew Wehrmeyer 7
Nate St. Onge 7
Jay Click 7
Dan Lam 7
Jason Hess 7
Dustin Morici 7
Scott Kuhns 6
David Silvers 6
Geoff Kuyper 6
David Williams 6
Dan Korienek 6
Matt Silvia 6
Mike Simonson 6
Dan Korienek 6
Kevin Daum 5
Christian Byar 5
Chris Fisher 5
Randy Zeeman 5
Shawn Adams 5
Craig Gietzen 5
Tony Talentino 4
Greg Kuhn 4
Jeff Van Dermark 3
Brent Goetz 3
Nate Versluis 3
Jason Lowetz 3
Clint Haley 2
Anthony Prentice 2
Mickey Humpula 2
Dan Lam 2
Thomas Beebe 2
Paul Borden 1
Dan Wilson 1
Mike Jones 1
Andy Holly 1

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