Noque Snow Bike World Championship Course Preview


The race is coming on quick, and we take a look at the 50km riders will take on in Marquette. 

January 25’s Noque Snow Bike World Championships have emerged as the top target for many fat bikers, and the race caps off a busy January flooded with races all over the state. Worlds take place  in what has emerged as one of the leading fat bike towns in the country, Marquette, and it’s a tribute to the city and the race that so many top fat bikers will take the start line next weekend.

The course’s 50 kilometers take in just under 2,000 feet of elevation in 30 miles, with two of the biggest climbs coming in the first five miles. Those two ascents account for roughly a quarter of the elevation, with nearly 75% of the elevation coming in the first 13 miles. After that, the course essentially drops off by 800 feet, though there are a number of small climbs on the way to the line.

Snow conditions could change overnight, as they did last year. Snow throughout the early morning and day totaled nearly a foot, and though soft, the course was partially helped by the massive number of skiers ahead of riders. In an effort to keep said skier ahead of riders, the fat bike race will start later in the day, allowing some of the slower skiers a bit more of a head start.

Last year’s winner, Jorden Wakeley (616), will be looking to set a new course record in 2014 if conditions are a bit better. His 2:21:29 mark was over 20 minutes faster than second place. Danielle Musto set the women’s mark at 3:12:16, six minutes clear of April Morgan, who is confirmed to start in 2014 as well.

You can see Chris Kushman’s Strava from 2013 here. 

You can view the entire course here, courtesy of Chris Kushman as well. 


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