2015 Speed of Light World Championships


The most prestigious fake World Championships in the WORLD are this Thursday. Nerves are wound up tight this week as the best and brightest set their sights on the Speed of Light World Championships. It’s a prestigious opportunity to take the best made-up championship in fake amateur sports. Only Ryan Kennedy and Jorden Wakeley have taken the title, and there are new names hoping to join the exclusive club.

The heavy favorite is Alex Vanias, who spent most of the year winning stages, Grand Tours and one day Classics from May through the Tour in July. He skipped part of the Vuelta, ceding the win and the Grand Tour sweep to Kyle Macdermaid. The SOL World Championship would be an emphatic punctuation on a dominant season for Vanias.

Sean Kickbush would be the heir apparent alongside former winner Ryan Kennedy, although an on-form Keegan Myers would also challenge. Behind that pair, things get murky. An in-shape Jason Lowetz has contested stages this summer, and Chris Kushman would be in the hunt if it weren’t for a bad back. Kennedy remains the top Einstein Racing candidate, and with the team failing to win a single Grand Tour this summer, they’ll be looking to take something away from this World Championship.

Geared or not, Kyle Macdermaid is a perpetual threat. The Vuelta winner is on some solid form and after some gear ratio testing last week, he’s confirmed the set up that works for him. The most conservative the race, the better, as Macdermaid has proven himself a smart hand late in a stage over The Boonenberg and winding into the finale.

With Susan Vigland and Kaitlyn Patterson both not starting, the women’s title is complete wide open. Seriously. If you are a woman with a mountain bicycle, you could show up and win. Who knows?

As a new twist, in homage to the new Team Time Trial World Championship, we’ll also keep track of the fastest team, with the aggregate times of the first three riders across counting. Einstein Racing vs. Hagerty vs. McLain vs. City Bike vs. Your Team Here.

The current weather forecast calls for warm and dry weather all week, which could contribute to more sand than normal as we head deep into September.

It’s the final Speed of Light of 2015, and the last shot at fake glory. Be there.

The Speed of Light World Championships leaves Ec at 6:15 and the Bunker Hill Parking Lot at 6:30.

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