Crop Circle Cross Numero Duh: Walters, Wells Win But Really, If You Had Fun You Won, Too


The second Crop Circle Cross of the year is in the books, with a whole new winner and everything. 

Tri Again Fitness played host again to CCC Numero Duh. With decidedly un-cyclocross weather, relieved racers took the line behind the ol’ barn and went at it like battling bulls. Jason Whittaker provided expert timing (with a clock and everything), while Wes Sovis served as announcer and chief heckler.

The UFO race went off with Pieter Sheridan, fresh from yet another Aquatic Training Camp, tearing off the line on his Salsa Mukluk. The new Fat Bike Class was a thriller, with Sheridan’s teammate, Craig Fortuna, feeling deeply the effects of Saturday’s efforts at Peak2Peak. Mike Walter, also an Einstein Racing hero, made steady progress, catching Sheridan and easing into the lead before the last lap. Behind, women’s leader Valerie Hyrman was rocking along at her own pace, She ceded a spot to a hard-charing Scott Ostlund, whose steady pace saw him even reel in the storming Sheridan to take second on the line. Peter Worden flew the flag for Hagerty to take third place, with John Ammond fourth. Kirk Rainney, second at Numero Uno, was good enough for fifth place.

In the Fat Bike category, Sheridan and Fortuna set the pace to go 1-2 for Einstein Racing, put in consistent lap times.

The A-Lien Race went off with a small but incredibly handsome field led by Chad Wells, John Leach, Cody Sovis, doubler Scott Ostlund and Peter Worden. Russ Ryba was unopposed in the fat bike class on the day, and started aggressively as Wells took the hole shot ahead of Leach, who was on a singlespeed. Wells and Leach gapped Sovis a lap in, fatigued by a hard two hours at Peak2Peak on Saturday. Wells kept grinding on, with Leach eventually ceding Wells’ wheel and later second place to a plodding, consistent Sovis. Worden quicked attacked the donuts, while Ostlund, too, eventually nipped off course for some cider and Don Marsh’s famous paleo cookies.

Wells ended with a comfortable two minute win in the 45 minute was, with Sovis and Leach rounding out the podium.

You can check out full results for the UFO Race here. 

You can checkout the full results for the A-Lien Race here. 

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