Short’s Brewing Fat Bike Series Probably Going To Be Cool, Certainly Going To Be Covered By kolo


kolo t.c. will be again be covering the Short’s Brewing Fat Bike Series. ‘Covering’ doesn’t even cover it; think of it more as a deep, incessant probe that will last from January until March.

“Why so much coverage?” you’re probably asking. “Don’t they have a website? Don’t they have a registration page? Don’t they have sponsors, like Short’s Brewing Co., Einstein Cycles and Bearclaw Bicycle Co.?” The answer to all of those things is YES! But kolo can be so much more.

All series long, we’ll be previewing and reviewing races like Fat Chance! at Crystal Mountain. The big guns from Minnesota, Wisconsin and the UP (basically another state) are all coming back. It will, of course, be a warm, fluttery feeling when former Racer/Roommate/Baker Chelsea Strate returns to the Mitten and try to show everyone how and why she won this series two years ago.

Registration is far ahead of last year already, and it’s going to be wildly interesting to see who looks the coolest on the start line.

So, now you know about it.

A Website.

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