miniSOL 2016: Youths!


Partnering with Hagerty Cycling, Einstein Racing-Short’s Brewing, Norte! Youth Cycling and anyone else who wants to put some skin in the game, we’re bringing some much needed youth to Speed of Light with miniSOL. 

Starting Thursday, June 16, the toughest rug rats in TC will be on the line (well, one minute behind the guys on the line) for the fastest lap of the Vasa 10km in known history. Led and swept by volunteers (and note, this could be YOU), the kids will have their own SOL times posted on kolo, just like all the old people.

Who is it for? It’s for the kids who want to ride MTBs fast, and need a place and a group to do it. It’s open to any kid under 16 that isn’t up for doing the full 11.3 mile SOL lap, has a safe and functioning bicycle, helmet, and a good attitude. Seriously, a good attitude. Because if your kid is out there and starts whining, Don Marsh is going to come over and start telling a story about how back in his day, kids were too poor to avoid tears so they would wiggle their fingers to simulate lacrimation. 

The youths are encouraged to meet at 6:30 at the Bunker Hill Lot for a rider’s meeting before a slow roll to the split rail fence. And if we know anything about Norte!, it’s that #SPEEDSPEEDSPEED is rewarded with #SNACKSNACKSSNACKS

This is a great chance to get kids involved, give them something to work toward, and get them off that damn InterTube watching Justin Bieber videos. It works well; bike riding is the only thing that can get Alex Vanias to stop playing MineCraft. (Now imagine Alex with a block head and body. Hilarious!)

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