2017 kolo t.c. Jersey Now Available!


They’re ready. After three years, the kolo t.c. jersey is updated to meet the rigors of modern life. We spent the last 36 months carefully design inch, line and zipper of the kolo t.c. cycling jersey. We’ve made some massive improvements in the design, fit and function of the shirt. It took many, many hours of work and we lost some good people in the process, but we’ve learned so much.

-The jersey now has two (2) arm holes instead of three (3). We were told that was superfluous.

-The neck hole will be located at the top of the shirt.

-We’ve offered a sleeveless option in the store. No, we won’t actually sell them, but it will help us identify any triathletes and ban them from the site.

-We’ve stuck with our traditional Belgian colors, black, red and yellow. There is a 2×2 pixel block of Belgian blue. Can you find it?

-The zipper won’t explode. So handy!

If you haven’t ordered from Champion-System before, they fit pretty true to size. Cody wears a Men’s Race Small. Wes wears a Men’s Race Medium. Beckwith wears a Men’s Large Club. Whatever you think you are, you probably are, and if you think it may be too small, get the size you think you are in a club cut. Easy.

The store will be open for two weeks starting 2/27. We expect the jerseys to be shipping by Mud, Sweat and Beers. You’ll have the option of individual shipping for $30, or free shipping to kolo HQ in Traverse City. If you pick free shipping, the jerseys will be available to pick up at a location TBD sometime this spring.

Here are some FAQs:

Do I have to be on the ‘team’ to buy the jersey?

The kolo t.c. race team is too good for anyone in the world. Even we aren’t on the team. Think of this as a jersey for the fan club of the team, and everyone is on that. 

What if I get it and it doesn’t fit?

We recommend offering it to friends and family on the Internet. We are also big fans of Kit Up Africa. (If it really doesn’t fit, contact us. But, like, be cool about it.)

What if members of the opposite sex become attracted to me because of the jersey?

You’ll get used to it.

Will the jersey make me cooler? 

Not actively, no, but the Summer jersey is made with thinner, more breathable material.

You know that’s not what I meant. 

No, but we needed to get that information out there.

If this is going to be my kit for most of the year, what do you recommend?

Easy! A long sleeve Thermal lite jersey for spring and fall and two short sleeve jerseys.

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