2017 Speed of Light Tour Competition: Kennedy Comfortable In Yellow, Gaps Open


The tight race at the top bounced itself a little loose last night, with Ryan Kennedy hardly even having to respond to any threats to his maillot jaune. Plus, the new Schmidt era has begun in miniSOL and Junior SOL! 

The third stage of the Tour Competition should have been a hot and hard attack one yellow, but with so many riders keen to hold their top five spots, and perhaps hoping to save just a little for Saturday’s Trails Festival, it was largely a procession ahead of next week’s Queen Stage double. Instead of a vicious, raucous opening

Instead of a vicious, raucous opening miles, the race was relatively sedate. Cody Sovis, astride a bike with flat handle bars and suspiciously wide tires, set the early tempo, with a brief cameo from John O’Hearn before leading onto Madeleine’s, up Mount Gary’s and onto the Power Section. Four wheels back, the calm and collected Kennedy was feeling spry enough to carry conversation, while Sovis, 90 seconds back, rued the lack of attacks from the other riders on GC.

Finally, Jeff Owens took matters into his own hands. With no GC to worry about, he wound up the pace and began to pop the large collection of rider tacked onto the back of the train in the latter half of the Power Section. Sovis went for the sprint, but failed to take a single point, which opened up the Points classification in a big way. His lead goes from 6 to 2, with Kennedy behind and Voss a further 4 back.

Sovis stayed on the front to lead across the field, across the Saarlock pit and around the new Wall Bypass. Then the attacks started, with Kennedy, Voss and O’Hearn getting clear and causing Owens to bridge, with Garrett Jenema snapping on his heels ahead of Kyle Macdermaid.

The race was in ones and twos, with Macdermaid eventually pairing up with Dan Ellis to give chase, Jenema within sight all of the time. After Anita’s Sovis and Josh Zelinski got to Ellis’ wheel, who gave a massive effort to help deliver Sovis to Macdermaid and limit the time loss.

Owens took the stage, but Kennedy and Voss crossed the line together, and the President’s lead stays at 67 seconds. That’s a big victory for the former Tour winner, and even with the Double next week, his rivals missed a chance to take back even a few seconds and make their task more likely in the finale. On the way home, Kennedy was both relieved and puzzled at the lack of attacks early, but admittedly chuffed at his prospects with just 22 miles of racing left in the Tour.

For runner-up Voss, he’s firmly ensconced in the Mountains classification lead after sharing double points with teammate Jenema. The young duo have also handed Hagerty Cycling the Team Competition lead on a silver plate, now nearly five minutes up on ERSB, although kolo tc sits just 12 seconds further back after an incredible ride from the on-form Dan Ellis.

There will be, yet again, no Women’s GC winner with Heidi Schwab leaving the race for MTB Nationals. On the other end of the age gender, Rob Frank looks locked to win the Best Old Rider Competition next week. Jeff Galsterer moves up into second, an important bump for the rider looking for a high finish in the year-long WorldTour standings.

Next week is a special finale. The 14 riders still in the hunt on GC take on The Double, two laps of the SOL course. You might think it would be taken cautiously, but in fact, the first lap of the double is often one of the fastest of the whole year. Kennedy has time on his side, and if anyone has any intention of racing for the win, the moves have to happen early and often to shake the race leader.

FULL Tour standings are updated over hurr. 

The SOL results from every week are always available right here.

And Now, the miniSOL and Junior SOL Report From Pietro!

Following a pre-race announcement that thanks to funds donated at the Pancake Ride 8 youth riders were being sent to the Traverse City Trail Fest, and a drawing in which young Haden Murray was the lucky winner of a free entry into next month’s Norte Bike Mas campe, Stage 3 of the youth Tour quickly proved itself to be Schmidt Night — as in brothers Carter and Jameson, each taking the top step of the podium in their respective races.  Carter, finally unleashed from having to ride with Norte dads and the obligations of a team time trial now a week behind him, blazed solo around the VASA 25k in a blistering 44:59 — highly respectable even by “adult” SOL standards.  Meanwhile over on the miniSOL course Jameson cruised in what must be the family signature solo style to his second win in as many weeks.  The heat did not appear to affect them at all, no doubt due to their many years of winter training in Tucson; in fact it was noted that neither drank a drop of water during their races.  Indeed, when offered a full water bottle to drink after, Jameson scoffed and promptly emptied it down the front of his shirt.  The next generation of Team Schmidt has arrived!
In the juniorSOL race RBS’ Hunter Frank — coming all the way up from Rochester, MI just so he could race in SOL — finally found his bike legs and got a time of 47:01 second place in the stage, with Norte’s Julian Hilt not far behind in third with a time of 47;37.  Worthy of mention also was the ride put in by Will “don’t confuse me with Bill” Unger, who was barely off the podium after being twizzled at the line by Julian, coming in less than a second after his teammate.  That has to be Will’s best SOL to date, and now that he understands the twizzle concept we can only expect him to get better.
In the junior GC race the current yellow jersey, Peter “P3” Worden, III had one objective: to not lose too much time.  He largely succeeded, sticking with the leaders around most of the course until a touched wheel knocked him off his stride on Anita’s.  That allowed Hunter Frank to pull ahead and put over two minutes into P3’s advantage, but that wasn’t enough to take the yellow jersey — P3 finished the stage still with an almost five minute advantage.  The final GC men’s podium appears to be shaping up to be P3 and his Hagerty teammate Max Jordan, with Hunter being committed to visit the big city of New Yawk next week and there being no other GC contenders.  Despite missing juniorSOL so he could go race some little thing called the National Mountain Bike Championships, Griffin Schwab still is in the lead in the season WorldTour points competition with 74 points, but P3 is not sitting too far behind with 72 points largely because I keep making him come to the races.  Julian Hilt is also still in the hunt at 68 points.
In the women’s juniorSOL race, there are no GC contenders but Hagerty’s Arielle Jean was joined by Norte’s Gwen Urbain, with Arial claiming the stage victory.
The miniSOL race saw the return of team Suttons Bay Bikes, which has been absent the past few weeks — not without controversy, as apparently they failed to keep USA Cycling informed of their whereabouts. Team veterans Liam Weirzba and Haden Murray were joined by Haden’s younger sister Willa.  Liam powered his way to a second place finish while Haden got to high five Cody in front of the crowd.  Meanwhile Caden Stuart, again demonstrating the power of the PJ pants (we really hope he is washing those things every week) came in third.
On the GC front the minis Tour has been reduced by attrition to just the Stuart brothers, Caden and Sander.  Caden has a fairly commanding lead of 13 minutes but anything can happen so don’t give up, Sander!  Sander does hold the lead in season WorldTour points but Caden does not sit far behind.
Here are the juniorSOL Stage 3 results, current GC, and points standings:
July 20, 2017 JuniorSOL results — TdeF Stage Three Men
Place Name Team Age Time Points
1 Carter Schmidt Norte 13 0:44:59 20
2 Hunter Frank RBS 13 0:47:01 18
3 Julian Hilt Norte 14 0:47:37 16
4 Will Unger Norte 12 0:47:38 14
5 Ashton Edson Hagerty 14 0:48:50 12
6 Peter B. Worden, III Hagerty 14 0:49:20 10
7 William Haapala Norte 13 0:51:00 8
8 Carter Debruyn Norte 12 0:53:44 6
9 Max Jordan Hagerty 14 1:00:29 4
10 Jonah Hochstetler Norte 12 1:03:16 2
11 Isaac Stone Hagerty 14 1:11:46 0
July 20, 2017 JuniorSOL results — TdeF Stage Three Women
1 Arielle Jean Hagerty 13 0:53:43 20
2 Gwen Urbain Norte 13 1:00:49 18
Cumulative JuniorSOL TdeF Results — Men
Place Name Team Age Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Cumulative Time
1 Peter B. Worden, III Hagerty 14 0:42:52 0:49:00 0:49:20 2:21:12
2 Griffin Schwab Hagerty 11 0:45:20 0:49:00 1:34:20
2 Hunter Frank RBS 13 0:47:21 0:51:44 0:47:01 2:26:06
4 Luke Wiersema Norte 12 0:51:56       0:51:56
3 Max Jordan Hagerty 14 1:06:05 0:57:50 1:00:29 3:04:24
6 Nate Weber Independent 14 1:12:33       1:12:33
Name 6.15.17 6.29.17 7.7.17 7.13.17 7.20.17 Season Total
Schwab Griffin 18 18 18 20 74
Worden III Peter 14 12 20 16 10 72
Hilt Julian 20 20 12 16 68
Schmidt Carter 17 14 20 51
Edson Ashton 14 18 12 44
Frank Hunter 16 6 18 40
Haapala William 15 16 0 8 39
Unger Will 16 8 14 38
Humphrey Drew 13 10 2 25
Madion Nate 19 0 19
Jordan Max 4 10 0 4 18
Wiersema Luke 14 14
Bogard Fisher 12 12
Hochstetler Jonah 10 2 12
DeBruyn Carter 6 6 12
Cummins Drew 11 11
Weber Nate 10 10
Stone Isaac 10 0 10
Zoutendam Matthew 8 8
Schwartz Alex 4 4
Day Sage 0 0
Scott Ethan 0 0
Name 6.15.17 6.29.17 7.7.17 7.13.17 7.20.17 Season Total
Jean Arielle 20 20 40
Urbane Gwen 20 18 38
Jean Abigail 18 18
And then here’s the miniSOL results, standings and points:
July 20, 2017 miniSOL results — TdeF Stage 3
Place Name Team Age Time Points
1 Jameson Schmidt Norte 10 0:24:49 20
2 Liam Wierzba Suttons Bay Bikes 8 0:28:00 18
3 Caden Stuart Norte 12 0:28:23 16
4 Haden Murray Suttons Bay Bikes 9 0:29:45 14
5 Sander Stuart Norte 10 0:37:22 12
6 Ali Stone Boone’s 11 0:38:12 10
7 Willa Murray Suttons Bay Bikes 9 0:38:12 8
8 Lander Coonrod Independent 11 0:39:00 6
9 Rocco Elkins Norte 9 DNF 4
Cumulative MiniSOL TdeF Results
Place Name Team Age Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Cumulative Time
1 Caden Stuart Norte 12 0:28:10 0:33:03 0:28:23 1:29:36
2 Sander Stuart Norte 10 0:32:04 0:33:03 0:37:22 1:42:29
3 Moses Coco Norte 10 0:32:08 0:35:02 1:07:10
4 Riley Jenema Hagerty 10 0:33:55 0:35:02 1:08:57
Name 6.8.17 6.15.17 6.29.17 7.7.17 7.13.17 7.20.17 Season Total
Stuart Sander 14 17 14 18 16 12 91
Stuart Caden 15 0 20 20 18 16 89
Wierzba Liam 17 19 18 18 72
Murray Hayden 16 18 16 14 64
Coco Moses 10 16 14 40
Schmidt Jameson 20 20 40
Jenema Riley 13 14 10 37
Ellis Grady 18 14 32
Elkins Rocco 12 12 4 28
Chick Cullen 15 6 21
Jordan Max 0 20 20
Miller Colin 20 0 20
Stone Ali 20 20
Howard Gabe 19 19
O’Hearn Max 16 16
Kochis Porter 8 8 16
Reid Rachel 13 13
O’Hearn Jack 12 12
O’Hearn Calvin 10 10
Kochis Sophia 4 6 10
Murray Willa 8 8
Edson Adrian 2 4 6
Coonrod Lander 6 6
Cici 0

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