2017 Tour Competition: Kennedy Cruises To Yellow


The attacks never really came, and Ryan Kennedy made easy work of the Queen Stage en route to his third Tour title. Meanwhile, Max Jordan and the Stuart kids start a dynasty in Junior SOL and miniSOL.

Ryan Kennedy batted away what little resistance was on offer Thursday night, with the Queen Stage claiming plenty of victims, but most certainly not the yellow jersey. A blistering opening lap on the heels of Jorden Wakeley and Jeff Owens saw an elite group formed. Even with most of the top six in touch (Garrett Jenema missed the move, while Kyle Macdermaid did the shorter race option, as is becoming habit) no one could really offer any aggression.

John O’Hearn moved to the front heading toward Madeleine’s, but never committed to the pace. Instead, Wakeley and Owens paired over the Power Section. A sick Cody Sovis (like, not a cool sick) dangled off the back before easing his way back into contact, carefully managing his half-empty matchbox to take full points and at least take the green jersey.

Onto the Boonenberg for the first time, no one was totally committed, allowing everyone to stay in touch. Kennedy, Cam Owens, Jeff Owens, Jorden Wakeley, Sean Kickbush, Braiden Voss, Sovis and O’Hearn were ready for the first time up Anita’s. Sensing the ebb of his powers for the day, Sovis offered a speculative attack on the descent to Anita’s, losing a water bottle and almost crashing, all for the sake of a short-lived ten foot gap.

The leaders flew up Anita’s, with Kennedy carefully tacked on the back and watching the wheels ahead. From there on, Sovis was dropped, followed by O’Hearn. Kickbush dropped a chain, but jumped back into the service of his teammate, O’Hearn, and even pulling him back into touch with Voss, the next victim of the furious pace. In the end, Kennedy put time into every GC rider, while he fought for the stage win against a flying Wakeley and both Owens.

His third win, and like Froome, his most deceptively dominant. He never had to attack, and allowed luck, legs, and circumstance ravage his opponents while he himself rode a steady, uncomplicated race.

Braiden Voss holds second, with O’Hearn third ahead of Garrett Jenema. For fifth place Cody Sovis, his long solo second lap put him just 3 seconds shy of unsettling Jenema for fourth. He and his kolo t.c. team finds themselves on the wrong side of an even closer gap in the Team Competition; they stay fourth by just 2 seconds, even with ERSB’s second time coming in at 1:39.

Hagerty takes the win in the Team Competition thanks to Voss and Jenema. Behind ERSB and kolo, Norte finishes the Competition for the first time, a solid achievement in its own right.

Voss also takes his first Mountain Classification with a ten point buffer. He’s the youngest rider to win a jersey in the history of SOL, coming in ahead of a rider who also could have set that mark, his teammate Garrett.

Cody Sovis took full points on three of the four stages, including the Sprint night, to capture green for the second time. Kennedy and Voss are tied on points, with Voss getting the nod on countback from the finale.

Rob Frank easily won Best Old Rider, although we need to dop our caps to both Jason Stuart and Jeff Galstererer for never giving up in the competition. Jeff G.’s huge efforts last night made the ERSB team second place possible, one of just two ERSB riders to take on the Double, a far cry from their small armada in 2016.

Yet again, there was no women’s winner. Ladies, let’s get a Vuelta winner, eh?

Next week, it’s the ever-fascinating Team Time Trial. Riders will get WorldTour points based on the third fastest time from their team. ERSB has won it four years in a row, last year with a dominant performance from Kennedy, Sovis, and Luke Tjosvold.

You can see the full GC and other classification results here.

You can see the full SOL results on the year here. 

An astounding 34 kids turned out to race tonight, a jr/miniSOL record.  Apparently, if you want to get the kids off the couch and away from screen time, you just need ice cream!

However, as the racers toed the start line for Stage 4 of the Tour, a shock rippled through the peloton: the yellow jersey of juniorSOL had abandoned!  Observers were shocked when Peter “P3” Worden, III failed to emerge from the team bus, and the team’s director sportif was dispatched to advise the media that the leader of the Tour de France would not be starting the stage.  No explanation was given and rumors quickly swirled that P3 had failed to correctly report his whereabouts to doping control, in that he’d claimed to vacationing in the Bahamas when in fact he was training in unmarked kit in Kazakhstan.   When contacted Hagerty Cycling President Craig Webb declined comment., and as of press time the World Anti Doping Agency is reported to be actively investigating the matter.

With P3 out of the picture and RBS’s Hunter Frank being held for ransom in New York City, the GC was Max Jordan’s for the taking, and he did not let the opportunity slip by him.  Max was literally the only rider to complete all four stages of the Tour, and for that he wins the whole enchilada (well, actually a water bottle with Reese’s Pieces and a t-shirt; an actual enchilada would have been messy.  It’s just an expression, people).  That’s actually the point of having a stage race — we always love to see the kids there, but we want to encourage them to race every Thursday night.  Max was the only one to rise to that challenge,  and so he wears yellow in Paris.

Over on the miniSOL side, there was no hint of abandonment and as largely expected Caden Stuart and his PJ pants clinched the GC victory, with his brother Stuart coming in second.  The Stuarts have been just as dedicated as Max and are the only minis to complete all four stages, so they complete the GC podium.   It should also be noted that Caden did not just win GC — he did so by placing his emphatic stamp on the race by putting in a blistering personal best time of 0:25:44, coming in only seconds behind stage winner Jameson Schmidt.

The stage wins were again dominated by the Brothers Schmidt, Carter again cruising to victory in juniorSOL while Jameson overcame a wrong turn to again claim victor in the minis.  That’s three firsts for them in as many weeks, and it is apparent that both disciplines are the Schmidts’ to lose as long as they can make it to the race.  Unfortunately however Jameson is still struggling with his water bottle skills, again drenching his shirt instead of getting any water down his throat, and this time aggravating the problem by promptly rolling around in the sand.

Griffin Schwab battled back for Hagerty Cycling, claiming 2nd place in the juniors, while Norte’s Luke Wiersema rounding out the junor podium in third.  Gwen Urbain and Aili Brockmiller were first and second, respectively, in the women’s junior race; Gwen by the way has steadily chipped away at those season WorldTour points, and at 58 points she now has a commanding lead and is the odds-on favorite to win the season points contest.  Over on the minis Sander Stuart managed a 3rd place finish on the stage, while Sutton Bay Bike’s Liam “I’m not Wiersema” Wierzba continued to impress by narrowly missing the podium in 4th place.  Liam has really come far in just a year, and he is only 8 years old.

After the racing was done, everyone adjourned to the warming hut for ice cream and Tour awards!.  Always looking for new ways to challenge the kids, we deviously put two gallons of Moomer’s ice cream on dry ice for 12 hours after which it was so frozen all 34 kids could do initially was stare at it.  Fortunately Beth Collins and Andy Schwartz were on hand to chip away at those ice blocks so everyone could eventually have a taste.  Porter Kochis proudly announced he’d had two ice cream cones and we were sure to have him slam an entire bottle of soda before sending him back outside to his mom.  We still finished the night with a lot of ice cream, so get ready for next week: Leftover Night!

Many thanks to Beth and Andy for putting in the workout so the kids could have their ice cream; thanks again to Heather Jordan and Jesi Schwab for serving as course marshals for the minis; Joel and Kora Voss for sweeping the minis; and David Hilt for sweeping the juniors.


Junior and Mini stage and GC results, and present points standings, are as follows:

Junior Stage 4 Results
July 20, 2017 JuniorSOL results — TdeF Stage Four Men
Place Name Team Age Time Points
1 Carter Schmidt Norte 13 0:45:04 20
2 Griffin Schwab Hagerty 11 0:45:12 18
3 Luke Wiersema Norte 12 0:45:15 16
4 Nate Madion Norte 13 0:45:18 14
5 William Haapala Norte 13 0:47:58 12
6 Will Unger Norte 12 0:48:00 10
7 Max Werner Norte 14 0:48:01 8
8 Isaac Stone Norte 14 0:48:25 6
9 Ashton Edson Hagerty 14 0:51:58 4
10 Alex Schwartz Norte ? 0:54:21 2
11 Drew Cummins Norte 13 0:55:06 0
12 Drew Humphrey Norte 13 0:55:07 0
13 Reese Cummins Norte 10 0:55:16 0
14 Sage Day Norte 11 0:55:18 0
15 Jonah Hochstetler Norte 12 0:56:13 0
16 Carter Debruyn Norte 12 0:56:25 0
17 Julian Hilt Norte 14 0:57:31 0
18 Brody Day Norte 10 0:57:32 0
19 Nate Weber Independent 14 1:02:04 0
20 Max Jordan Hagerty 14 1:02:12 0
July 20, 2017 JuniorSOL results — TdeF Stage Four Women
Place Name Team Age Time Points
1 Gwen Urbain Norte 13 0:55:17 20
2 Aili Brockmiller BEE 12 1:22:00 18
Junior Tour GC FINAL
Max Jordan Wins
Junior WorldTour Points
Name 6.15.17 6.29.17 7.7.17 7.13.17 7.20.17 7.27.717 Season Total
Schwab Griffin 18 18 18 20 18 92
Worden III Peter 14 12 20 16 10 72
Schmidt Carter 17 14 20 20 71
Hilt Julian 20 20 12 16 0 68
Haapala William 15 16 0 8 12 51
Edson Ashton 14 18 12 4 48
Unger Will 16 8 14 10 48
Frank Hunter 16 6 18 40
Madion Nate 19 0 14 33
Wiersema Luke 14 16 30
Humphrey Drew 13 10 2 0 25
Jordan Max 4 10 0 4 0 18
Stone Isaac 10 0 6 16
Bogard Fisher 12 12
DeBruyn Carter 6 6 0 12
Hochstetler Jonah 10 2 0 12
Cummins Drew 11 0 11
Weber Nate 10 0 10
Zoutendam Matthew 8 8
Werner Max 8 8
Schwartz Alex 4 2 6
Cummins Reese 0 0
Day Sage 0 0 0
Day Brody 0 0
Scott Ethan 0 0
Name 6.15.17 6.29.17 7.7.17 7.13.17 7.20.17 7.27.17 Season Total
Urbain Gwen 20 18 20 58
Jean Arielle 20 20 40
Jean Abigail 18 18
Brockmiller Aili 18 18
Mini Stage 4 Results
July 20, 2017 miniSOL results — TdeF Stage 4
Place Name Team Age Time Points
1 Jameson Schmidt Norte 10 0:25:41 20
2 Caden Stuart Norte 12 0:25:44 18
3 Liam Wierzba Suttons Bay Bikes 8 0:27:59 16
4 Sander Stuart Norte 10 0:31:56 14
5 Lily Briggs Norte 12 0:37:45 12
6 Riley Jenema Hagerty 10 0:39:23 10
7 Porter Kochis Norte 7 0:40:31 8
8 Jackson Hochstetler Norte 10 0:40:49 6
9 Charlie Cameron Independent 9 0:41:06 4
10 Ali Stone Boone’s 11 0:42:01 2
11 Sophia Kochis Norte 9 0:54:34 0
12 Adrian Edson Hagerty 8 1:02:52 0
Mini Tour GC FINAL
Cumulative MiniSOL TdeF Results
Place Name Team Age Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Cumulative Time
1 Caden Stuart Norte 12 0:28:10 0:33:03 0:28:23 0:25:44 1:55:20
2 Sander Stuart Norte 10 0:32:04 0:33:03 0:37:22 0:31:56 2:14:25
Mini WorldTour Points
Name 6.8.17 6.15.17 6.29.17 7.7.17 7.13.17 7.20.17 7.27.17 Season Total
Stuart Caden 15 0 20 20 18 16 18 107
Stuart Sander 14 17 14 18 16 12 14 105
Wierzba Liam 17 19 18 18 16 88
Murray Hayden 16 18 16 14 64
Schmidt Jameson 20 20 20 60
Jenema Riley 13 14 10 10 47
Coco Moses 10 16 14 40
Ellis Grady 18 14 32
Elkins Rocco 12 12 4 28
Kochis Porter 8 8 8 24
Stone Ali 20 2 22
Chick Cullen 15 6 21
Jordan Max 0 20 20
Miller Colin 20 0 20
Howard Gabe 19 19
O’Hearn Max 16 16
Reid Rachel 13 13
O’Hearn Jack 12 12
Briggs Lily 12 12
O’Hearn Calvin 10 10
Kochis Sophia 4 6 0 10
Murray Willa 8 8
Edson Adrian 2 4 0 6
Coonrod Lander 6 6
Hochstetler Jackson 6 6
Cameron Charlie 4 4
Cici 0

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