Dan Went To Mexico And All You Get Is A Few Photos From The Trip


Adventurer/Cyclist/Man of Steel Dan Ellis went to Mexico and odds are you didn’t. 

Spearheaded by Al McWilliams of 3T Q+M fame, a bunch of Michigan people went to Mexico and quite pointedly (make that disappointedly) did NOT get kidnapped or murdered in the face. In fact, except for a pretty serious arm would and a few sunburns, the trip was a total success.

Dan sent us a few #CHOICECUTS from his trip that you can check out below. Dan crashed early in the trip. The gnarly rocks and whatnot gashed him up pretty good, and unfortunately for him, the best medical assistance to be had in Chiuahaha was a drunken (at least a little tipsy) dentist. Despite what we’ve termed a ‘fun’ amount of infection and prolonged exposure to Al, Dan still had a fun time and was just given the A.O.K. from a medical professional to ride and ride hard.

The next time you see Dan, ask him about the trip. Oh, and the next time you’ll see Dan is probably riding shotgun in the up.bike #AdventureHub en route to K-Town Down for the Out’n’Back this Sunday at 9am! Details on that ride are right here and you can join the Facebook event here.

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