Taproot Cider House Joins kolo t.c. as Community Sponsor


We’re both thrilled and stoked to announce Taproot Cider House has signed up to sponsor our blog and super amateur race team for 2018! Their support will help us get to more bike races more frequently, without eating Ramen noodles all summer long. More importantly, their support will help us organize more rides for beginner cyclists throughout the season to get more people out there shredding the proverbial GNAR.

Taproot offers an incredible menu of Earth-to-Table dishes, a huge selection of cider, craft beer, and cocktails, and live music featuring local talent and emerging artists from around the state.  If you haven’t checked them out, it’s time you did. Located at the corner of State and Park in downtown Traverse City, it’s the place to be for quality food and an exceptional dining experience!

Support the people who support us, won’t you? Give Taproot a follow on Facebook or Instagram to show them some love.

Thank you so much, Jen, Andy, and the whole Taproot team! We’ll be in for a House Royale and a Traditional Dry House soon! #MugClub

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