Velo City Cycles Joins kolo t.c. to Get the Word Out About This Whole Bike Riding Thing

We think bikes are cool. Riding them fast is fun. Riding them slow is fun. Riding to get ice cream with friends is fun. Riding to get beer is even better, but don’t tell the kids that quite yet. Over the last few years, we’ve gotten to meet Brad, Jenny, Brent and the rest of the crew at Velo City Cycles at races and at group rides. As it turns out, they really like bikes too, and they’re working their tails off to help get their friends and neighbors off the couch and onto bikes in West Michigan.

More Kids on Bikes

Similar to their (also) orange-clad friends in Traverse City, Norte, Jenny is focused on getting kids hooked on being active and outdoors at a young age. Like, really young. Their Velo Kids program starts off with kids as young as two years old and goes up all the way to fifteen-year-olds. At the heart of the effort is to get kids to learn how to ride safely, be responsible for the trails they use, and of course, how to shred copious amounts of #GNAR and drop their parents on rides. You know. The usual.

As parents themselves, Brad and Jenny know that cycling can be an expensive hobby because kids grow so darn fast. To help reduce the financial burden on families, Velo City has a Trade Up Program that allows parents to bring back the bike their kid grew out of and get 50% of that value towards a new bike. That means kids get to ride quality bikes and have more fun, and parents don’t have to get a second mortgage to pay for bikes – it’s a win-win!

Go Ride with Them

Just like kolo, they’re all about organizing rides to get people who ride on their own to meet new, lycra-clad people and bring the cycling community closer together. No matter your experience level, amateur bike racing team, or bike riding goals, Velo City maintains a schedule of rides to fit your style. They also host workshops to help you learn how to maintain your bike and take care of yourself and others while out on the roads and on the trails.

We’ll keep you up to date on all the cool rides, races, and community programs that Brad, Jenny and the crew have going on in Holland this year. We really love their belief that cycling can bring a community together to become healthier and more active, and we hope more groups across the state follow their lead. Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram to see the Velo Kids in action this summer!

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