2018 miniSOL and Junior SOL: The Beginning by Will Unger


Will Unger is a smart kid. Will has joined the kolo t.c. staff with an outrageous salary, incredible benefits, and a comprehensive investment portfolio. More than that, he’s bring you the miniSOL and Junior SOL recaps all summer as a part of the goal to make the kids more self-sufficient, confident, and to build #SKILLZ for the future. 

This is is HIS story. 

It’s that magical night when we #YOUTHS congregate at the split rail fence and show our old-er teammates and parents who’s boss! For the record, according to my dad: he is still the boss, even though I beat him by more minutes than years I’ve been able to stay up past 7:30. This was an especially special night due to CX night! Anyone with the guts to climb aboard one of these majestic stallions we call cyclocross bikes would be rewarded double points.

Right off the line, Norte’s Carter DeBruyn set a blistering pace while Wunger and Drew Cummins struggled to hold his wheel. Charlie Black and Reese Cummins were just a handful of seconds behind and advancing quickly. The group held together until the Vasa CC climb where Wunger attacked, leaving a 30 second gap between him and the group.

Then he hit the Power Section, ramped up the pace, and increased the gap to 4 minutes. At this point, he had caught up to superstar, Wes Sovis, who, by the way was on his second lap! Wunger wasn’t the only one to ramp up the pace: Reese and Charlie hammered and condensed the gap between them and the middle group by a whole minute!

The middle group decided they weren’t going down without a fight and ramped it up again, increasing the gap by a minute. Wunger rode on to finish in first place with a time of 44:30, Drew Cummins and Carter DeBruyn tied for second with a time of 48:50, and Charlie and Reese tied for third with a time of 55:20.

In the Mini SOL race, Liam Wiersba claimed the top spot on the podium with a time of 24:20, Hayden Murray placed second with a time of 26:30, and Ben Burley placed third with a time of 28:25. Mini SOL honorable mentions go to Grady Ellis for being the only Mini SOL rider to race the course on a CX bike.

In the Junior SOL overall, Wunger took advantage of CX double points and is in the lead with 14 points. Drew and Carter are tied for second with 6 points. Charlie and Reese are tied for third with 5 points. In the Mini SOL overall, Grady Ellis is in first place with 12 points due to his bravery of riding a CX bike. In second is Liam Wierzba with 9 points. In third is Hayden Murray with 8 points.

The #YOUTHS times can be spotted here. 

miniSOL points can be found here. 

Junior SOL points are right here. 

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