2018 Pancake Ride Guide

Pancake Ride

There will be pancakes. And coffee. And bikes.

It’s almost here! This Saturday, what may or may not be the 25th Annual Pancake Ride rolls from Cherry Bend Park at 8am. This is a yearly tradition that’s been happening through a number of different hands, and we’re lucky to have Kim White, the Lyons, and all our local clubs pitch in to support it!

What is Pancake Ride? Baby, it’s whatever you want it to be. The 63-mile route is a Hammerfest up front, a party in the back. The 30-mile route is a leisurely stroll from some, and a season’s goal for others. We’ll also have volunteers and families cook up their own ‘Short Stack’, riding the TART or flat road before coming back to help man (or woman) the griddles. You’ll see faces you know, and faces you don’t. Just be there.

The ride is totally free, but ca$$h donations are accepted to help fund some snacks at miniSOL and Junior SOL this summer.

Now, the actual RIDE. We are sticking with the traditional Pancake Ride route, as popularized and normalized by Jason Whittaker who, you’ll be happy to know, will be joining us this year while he is in town for the next month. The ride starts at a neutral 18-20mph as we ride Cherry Bend Road as cross the proverbial Rubicon; once we are west of Bugai, it’s no holds barred, get-after-it riding until Glen Arbor.

We hit the climbs of Kasson and Inspiration before a long flat drag race past the Sleeping Bear Dunes and into Glen Arbor. As is the tradition, we’ll stop at the park in Glen Arbor for a short, five-minute bathroom/snack break. How long? Five minutes. Plan accordingly.

Then we hit the meat, potatoes, and asparagus of the ride, with climbs up Trumbull, Hlavka, Darga, and Tower before spilling back to the traditional finish at the top of Philosophy.

As we didn’t last year, we will not have printed maps because it’s 2018 and we hate wasting paper. If you want a printed map, go for it.

The Pancake Ride isn’t a race. It might feel like it, but it’s not. It’s about getting people out in the County, riding with new people, and welcoming more people to the sport and the community. Have fun. Go your own pace, and you’ll almost certainly end up riding with a great group of humans being, with the reward of fluffy, delicious pancakes (and fruit!) afterward.

A special thanks to Kim White for all her work to cook this up, and to our flippers for getting everyone fed. Also, Breakaway Cafe and Coffee Bar is helping out with some hot java; make sure you thank Bre and Tuna for the caffeine!

The Tall Stack is right here.

The Medium Stack is right here.

Don’t carry cash to donate? Consider putting flexing some plastic to support the Norte Wheelhouse project here.

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