You Can’t Just Quit the World..Tour

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The first WorldTour standings were published..but the auto-posting didn’t work so you’re seeing it now. Sorry. 

The WorldTour is a pretty comprehensive tally of your performances all season long. Grand Tours general classification are worth points (Giro is 40, Tour is 50, Vuelta is 40), with points for one-day Classics like Fat Bike Night 20 to first, -1 until their gone. Ride the theme of the night (here, fat bike night), and your points are doubled. Once you score a point, you’re in the WorldTour, no matter how many times you show up, or don’t. You just can’t quit the World…Tour.

As is no surprise, Cody Sovis leads the first WorldTour standings of the season after winning the Speed of Light Giro Competition, as well as pocketing points for the Sprint jersey and the Team Competition. As has been the case since the WorldTour’s inception, Cody’s ability not every do shit on Thursday nights has meant he’s a strong favorite to win the WorldTour. Dan Ellis, his kolo t.c. teammate was one of the few riders to score in every category he was eligible for, including both the Points, Mountains, and Team.

Sam Holmes and John O’Hearn sit third and fourth, with O’Hearn #GOINGDEEP en route to a narrow second place in 2017. But it’s O’Hearn’s time to shine; the former SOL World Champion swept the month of June last year, earning the Fat Bike, Cyclocross AND Singlespeed Night titles, an unprecedented run that put him into the lead of the WorldTour heading into July.

He’ll be a big favorite again tonight, and if his show of form this past weekend is any indication, his Bayshore training wasn’t for nothing. He won out of a strong age group and he’s a rider to watch on any width tire.

On the women’s side, Lauri Brockmiller is rumored to be making an appearance on her fat bike, with a likely showdown with Susan Vigland in the works. They’ll be looking to pick up some points before the month caps off with Ladies’ Night, which is double points for the top 20 women, regardless of overall finish.

Finally, it’s the last night the old people take center stage. Next week, miniSOL and Junior SOL kick-off, with Junior SOL doing the full 11.7 mile lap, with miniSOL using the same course as last year. The goal is simple: we want more kids out there than adults. The #YOUTHS will be action from June 14 until school ruins their lives on August 30. We’ve had kids on strider bikes, kids on training wheels, kids in boy bands (looking at you, Garrett Jenema) and kids that have gone from wobbling punks to world beaters.

BOLD PREDICTIONS: O’Hearn is the fastest fat bike, finishes in top ten overall. Holmes win race, but does so on his DUH-Vince-SEE, no double points. BONUS: Dan hurls his 485 pound Surly Pugsley into the woods and walks 15 miles home.

You can sign up to lead or sweep the miniSOL course here.

You can see the current WorldTour standings here.

You can see my a French guy win a stage at the Dauphine here.

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