2018 Speed of Light WorldTour: Two Weeks, Two Time Trials


We’ve got two (2) time trials coming up. Here’s what you need to know.

First up, we have the Team Time Trial on August 2. To the untrained eye, it’ll look like any other SOL; SOL, Junior SOL, and miniSOL will all leave in their normal mass starts. However, for the WorldTour points, each team’s third rider counts. What you’ll find is riders looking to stick with their ‘slowest’ rider to pull them along as fast as possible. It’s a really cool change of pace, and you’ll almost certainly find yourself riding with a new mix of faces and plenty of fast wheels to follow.

You do need to submit your three-person team here. If you belong to a club, try to fill your team with riders from that club; otherwise, any three riders count!

Submit Your Team Here

Those WorldTour points could come in handy for the next week. We’re helping Northern Michigan Mountain Bike Association and Keen Technical Solutions cut the ribbon on the refreshed Vasa Singletrack with the VSTTT. We’ll have the top ten riders on WorldTour points leave in 30-second intervals, followed by everyone else who shows up in 10-second intervals. It’s the first time we’ve ever ridden from a different location! Stick around after for free food, free beer, and free soda for the rug-rats. And yep, miniSOL is a go; they’ll be doing the Kinglet Loop!

Also, make sure you ease up before the lot; with miniSOL riders coming onto the VST in the last few hundred meters, the finish line and segment will the shortened so that your time is taken before the trails come together.

The first rider will take off at 6pm. NOT 6:30! Six. Pee. Em. In order to get 60+ riders away and still have a little daylight for after, we need to kick this puppy off a little early. Be there by 6 and ready to queue up along Perch Lake Road.

Again, info:

August 2. Team Time Trial. 6:30 from the Split Rail Fence. Worth 10 points to all riders on winning team, -1 through the top ten teams.

August 9. VSTTT. 6 from the Vasa Supply Road Parking Lot. Worth 25 points to the fastest rider, -1 through the top 25.

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